Rory Adams-Cheatham, Education Specialist

Rory's interest and love for animal advocacy was basically a requirement at birth.  He grew up with his mother, a physical anthropologist - who has a strong affinity for animals.  Rory grew up in a world where he met apes and monkeys, lived with rescue dogs, turtles, hamsters and even a rescued baby squirrel, all before the age of 4. Rory started a daddy long leg sanctuary in his bedroom closet, which was unfortunately shut down upon discovery, but his lifelong dream of animal advocacy continued on. 

His first job was at a veterinary clinic, where he pestered Dr. K enough to let him volunteer in middle school. Being there almost every day, they offered him his 1st full-time job. He worked there, thrilled to go to work and learn about animals, until going off to Antioch College, in Ohio. In college, he studied literature, social justice and community organizing.  While in Ohio, his affinity for animal rescue never ceased and he continued his work at a local animal sanctuary. At the sanctuary, Rory learned to care for farm animals, large birds and continued work with dogs and cats. Rory also worked as a dog handler and the foster dog coordinator at a dog daycare, where he created a protocol and system for fostering rescue dogs at the facility.

Rory was offered his dream job as the Dog Program Coordinator and began work with Maddies Adoption Program in August. He is working steadily to build the program, bring in new dogs and fosters, increase awareness and save lives.  Rory lives with his partner in Oakland and is the proud uncle to many, many dogs.