Senior and Hospice Foster Program

December 2016

Find out how you can help senior dogs find foster homes and new adoptive homes, as well as providing hospice care through fostering. Learn More


Hospice for Cats and Dogs

Clara K. Showalter and Jessica MarshFebruary 2017

Learn how Austin works to save the last few hard to place seniors through the use of specialized hospice foster homes for dogs and cats. Learn More


Perfectly imperfect senior dog finally meets his match

August 24, 2016

What's the definition of the perfect dog? Depends on who you ask. But one thing was for sure – I knew I wasn't it. Unless the definition was "an anxious ten year old Jack Russell terrier mix who chases his tail and doesn't get along with other dogs" but I'm smarter than that. It only took… Learn More


Just say no to the ‘conventional wisdom’: Sherri Franklin’s Aha! journey saving senior dogs

August 9, 2016

How much of the “conventional wisdom” about adoption and foster programs makes sense, and how much of it just keeps your organization from saving as many animals as it could? That was the question on Sherri Franklin’s mind as she first created Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, a San Francisco organization that has saved thousands of… Learn More


Think senior pets can’t adjust to a new home? Expert says to think again!

November 12, 2015

How likely is it that a senior pet can adapt to ending up in a shelter, being pulled by a rescue group, placed into one or more foster homes, and finally adopted — with a few stops at adoption events long the way? Almost guaranteed, says Sherri Franklin, who’s definitely in a position to know.… Learn More


Creating and Growing a Successful Cat Foster Program

Ashley FerryFebruary 2015

Fosters often mean the difference between life and death for cats in the shelter. They are essential in addressing overcrowding issues, shelter behavior problems and providing personalized care for medical conditions. Learn More


Rescuing Cats from the Euthanasia List

Frances Flower, PhDFebruary 2015

Learn how to create a sustainable rescue program that relies solely on volunteers to assess cats on the euthanasia list and save the most lives it can that are out of other options for a live outcome.  Learn More


How to Create a Successful Barn Cat Program

Monica FrendenFebruary 2015

Often overlooked for rescue, feral and fractious cats can be saved through a progressive Barn Placement Program and given a new lease on life as working cats. Learn how to start a barn program from scratch. Learn More


FeLV Without Fear

Steve Okino February 2015

Too often, routine euthanasia is the prescription for cats with the Feline Leukemia Virus. That’s changing. Learn More


Muttville Nation: A Community in Love with Senior Dogs

Sherri FranklinSeptember 2012

Older homeless pets - even those with age-related illnesses - do not have to be a big adoption challenge, says Muttville founder Sherri Franklin. Muttville has placed over 1,300 senior dogs since 2007. Learn More


Seniors and Shelters: Looking After Geriatric Pets in Shelters and Getting Them Adopted

Susan Krebsbach, DVMOctober 2011

Dr. Susan Krebsbach, veterinary specialist in behavior with over 20 years' experience working with animal shelters, talks at the Purdue/Maddie's Shelter Medicine Symposium 2011 about senior pets in animal shelters and how to get them adopted. Learn More


Marvelously Mature

September 2011

Senior pets may have an advantage with some adopters. Maddie's Fund surveyed several successful senior pet adoption programs, and found out what it takes to tap into a senior-friendly adoption market. Learn More


Sherri Franklin: Fairy Godmother to Senior Dogs

June 2010

Sherri founded Muttville, an organization devoted to finding homes for senior canines, and in just three years, has placed nearly 700 dogs. Learn More


Finding Homes for Senior Pets


Shelters find that many adopters have a "soft spot" for graybeards. Learn More