Lifesaving Animal Control Policies

Lee Ann Shenefiel, April Moore, Maria AlvaradoFebruary 2017

Learn how to leverage limited resources to engage the community in animal welfare and keep people and pets safe. Learn More


Moving Forward: Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Vincent MedleyJuly 2016

Knowing the talents of individual team members is key to setting them up for success. When a staff member is successful, their programs are usually successful. Learn More


How to make sure adopters are welcome at your shelter or rescue group

June 28, 2016

Are ‘Adopters Welcome’ at your shelter or rescue group? If not, a new DIY action plan can help you get on board with this revolutionary adoption philosophy. Even if they already are, this resource can help you kick it up a notch! The Humane Society of the United States created Adopters Welcome not only to… Learn More


Managed Admission: Giving Shelter Cats Their Best Chance at a Great Outcome

Barbara Carr and Kathie JohnsonApril 2015

Not every cat who is presented to a shelter for relinquishment is in need of immediate admission. In many cases, simply knowing that help is available and the shelter can take the cat in the near future is enough to allow the community member to opt for an appointment down the road, when his or her cat can be better cared-for by the shelter. In some cases, supportive management may buy the owner enough breathing room that the cat ends up being able to remain in the current home after all. Learn More


Exceeding Customer Service Expectations in Relation to Adoptions

Marc PeraltaFebruary 2015

Are doing all you can to help increase the number of animal lives saved? This seminar focuses on the impact of exceptional customer service. Learn More


Reducing Shelter Admissions with an Animal Help Desk

Bonney Brown, Executive Director, Nevada Humane SocietyMarch 2013

Sixty percent of the callers who wanted to surrender one or more pets were convinced to try alternatives as a result of Nevada Humane Society’s free Animal Help Desk. Learn More


Are Live Operators a Thing of the Past or the Future? Editorial

Rich AvanzinoSeptember 2012

Sick and tired of voicemail jail when you call your local shelter? Maddie's Fund President Rich Avanzino takes a trip into the past as well as the future, and explains why it's time for shelters and rescue groups to get real people to answer their phones. Learn More


Customer Service Do's and Don'ts Part II

October 2010

Read the findings from our 2010 Customer Service Awards Program. Learn More


Customer Service Do's and Don'ts Part I


Read our findings based on the ten-week customer service awards program conducted by Maddie's Fund and the Foundation. See why some shelters and rescues are models of "best practices" - and others are not. Learn More


When the Adopters Show Up, Will Your Shelter Be Ready?


The Shelter Pet Project advertising campaign may put shelter customer service to the test. Learn More


Customer Service - Another Way to Save Lives


A great model of customer service plus customer service training tips for staff and volunteers in the accompanying Adoption Counselor Guide. Learn More