San Francisco SPCA Ringworm Program (SPORE)

October 2016

Managing ringworm in homeless pet populations is easier than you think, if you're equipped with a plan and the right tools. Learn More


Ringworm in the Shelter: Problem Solving Management Challenges for Shelter Medical Staff

Allison Clarke, DVM September 2016

Learning to apply principles of ringworm management in your organizations and facilities can be a real challenge. Learn More


How to Stop Itching in Shelters and Foster Homes Cats

Karen Moriello, DVM, DACVDFebruary 2015

Itching is a major reason cats get taken to the veterinarian. While there's no one underlying cause of itching in cats, getting to the bottom of the condition is particularly important due to the overlap in symptoms between contagious and non-contagious infections that may cause itching. How can shelters and rescue groups, with their limited resources, diagnose, treat and prevent this skin disease? Learn More


Fighting Fungus: How to Build a Treatment Program for Cats with Ringworm

Brittany Dell'Aglio-MitchellFebruary 2015

Tens of thousands of cats are euthanized each year solely because they have been diagnosed with ringworm, a highly contagious but highly treatable skin infection about as serious as Athlete’s Foot. Learn how to set up a ward where affected kitties can be isolated from other animal populations and treated until they are cleared of the disease and ready for adoption.  Learn More


Ringworm Roundup 1: Overview

Sandra Newbury, DVMOctober 2013

Managing ringworm in homeless pet populations can be easier than you think, when you have your eyes open, and equipped with a systematic approach and the right tools. Learn More


Ringworm Roundup 2: Outbreak Management

Sandra Newbury, DVMOctober 2013

In the second half of "Ringworm Roundup," Dr. Newbury discusses a step-by-step plan for managing any disease outbreak, but with a specific focus on ringworm. Learn More


How Animal Shelters Are Beating Ringworm (And Yours Can, Too!)

Karen Moriello, DVM, DACVDJuly 2012

Ringworm. An outbreak - even one suspected case - can cause a corresponding outbreak of despair in shelter staff. How will they handle it? Can they disinfect the shelter? Can the cats or kittens be treated, or is it too risky? What about the impact on adoptions and the foster care program? Learn More



Andrew Newmark, DVM July 2012

Dr. Newmark discusses zoonotic diseases that are commonly seen in animal shelters as well as strategies for their prevention and control. Learn More


Beating Ringworm in Shelter Cats: Yes, You Can

May 2011

Find out how the Dane County Humane Society’s cutting edge ringworm protocols are leading the way to positive outcomes. Learn More