Jessica Guglielmo, Education Specialist

Jessica developed a fondness for animals at a very young age which only grew as she got older. To her parents' dismay, she was constantly bringing home stray animals in need of care that ranged anywhere from field mice to a loose horse. She spent much of her childhood at local barns and pet sitting for all the neighborhood pets.

Jessica's fondness for animals eventually grew into a determination to have a career working around them. In 2010 she graduated from Fresno State with a B.S. in Animal Science. From there she enjoyed working at various veterinary clinics and horse training facilities. Jessica became involved in animal rescue when she was hired by Tri-Valley Animal Rescue to assist with their kitten program. Jessica has now been working at Maddie's Fund since June of 2014.

Jessica's hobbies include riding horses, going hiking/swimming with her dog, running and reading. Her current furry family members consist of her Maremma sheep dog Trajan, her two cats Pounce and Lynx, her Arabian horse Flame and her miniature donkey Eva.