Target Zero

In February 2017, Maddie's Fund® awarded Target Zero $750,000 over three years to expand operations to increase their lifesaving impact in more communities in the country.

Target Zero is a national non-profit that works with animal shelters in focus communities that have been struggling with lifesaving achievements. Target Zero has been working to decrease shelter intake and increase shelter save rates in hopes of having a zero percent euthanasia rate in three years or less from the start of working with each community.

Target Zero has revolutionized animal shelters to start focusing on key objectives to ultimately help them 'get to zero.' This means 90% or more of dogs and cats are getting out of the shelter safely. They educate specified focus cities on a six-step pyramid structure that is proven to reduce the number of animal shelter intakes. The grant will allow them to continue on with their consulting work in existing communities, as well as look to expand into more cities and counties to help increase lifesaving in the US.

Maddie's Fund considers this organization to be a fantastic resource for communities who are wanting to achieve the lifesaving success other communities have already achieved, but may not know where or how to start. They work hand-in-hand with these communities to implement best practices, oftentimes helping to educate constituents and key stakeholders in their government.

Target Zero hopes others will take notice so they can keep expanding into more cities and counties nationwide, and ultimately save more lives.