The Yellow Brick Road: A Map to Fundraising Oz

Don Jennings, Consultant, Humane NetworkJanuary 2019

This talk will put your feet on the path to practical and sustainable strategies that even the busiest nonprofit group can use (wizard not included).

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Leadership - The Who, How, What and When

Susanne Kogut, President and Executive Director, PetCo FoundationJanuary 2019

In order to create a lifesaving community, our leadership needs to create a workshop of possibilities...the who is you, the how is together, the what is a positive attitude and the when is now.

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Accessible Veterinary Care: Service Learning Programs to Help Animals & People

Emily McCobb, DVM, MS DACVAA, Clinical Associate Professor, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, Tufts University December 2018

This talk discusses the Tufts at Tech program and other aspects of Tufts Community Medicine that bring students from multiple training programs together to help community members access veterinary care and other services for pets.

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Effective Communication for Staff and Volunteers, Part 2

Susan Britt, Senior Director of Shelter Training, Interim Director of Operations, ASPCA December 2018

This interactive workshop on honing communication skills in the shelter (or any) workplace continues from Part 1.

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Engaging the Community: How to Make Your Organization a Vital Presence in Your Community

Bonney Brown, President and Founder, Humane NetworkDecember 2018

In this presentation, learn how to get the word out about your organization, develop strong relationships, ways to create memorable communication and how people become engaged, the pitfalls to avoid, and things you can do right away.

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Grantseeker Best Practices: Getting Your Organization's Ducks Cats & Dogs in a Row

Michael Barrett and Adriana JiménezDecember 2018

Discover how following best practices is key to helping your organization have the most impact on the lives of vulnerable animals.

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How to Make Your Board More Effective for Your Organization and More Rewarding for Board Members

Bonney Brown, President and Founder, Humane NetworkDecember 2018

This presentation helps address many common challenges and concerns and how to transform the board into a more effective high-functioning group.

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The Role of Public Health in Animal Sheltering

Jeanette O'Quin, DVM, MPH, Clinical Assistant Professor, Shelter Medicine and Veterinary Public Health, Ohio State University College of Veterinary MedicineDecember 2018

This presentation discusses how sheltering practices in the U.S. are impacting public health internationally, in particular Ethiopia.

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Maddie Monthly: Our top stories of November

December 3, 2018

Last month was a busy one (aren’t they all?), so we wanted to make sure you didn't miss some of the popular Chew on This blog posts from November. Here you go! Foster pet marketing guide Download, save, print or share our thorough foster marketing guide. This guide has everything a foster caregiver could possibly… Learn More


A trading post for shelter pet-helping ideas

November 27, 2018

Ever wish there was a place you could go to share your dog or cat wisdom with others? Or maybe you have an issue at your shelter or rescue organization and you'd like advice from someone who has been there before? Maddie's® Pet Forum is an excellent resource for organizations looking for encouragement and guidance.… Learn More


#FeelGoodFriday: When little girl meets shelter dog, it’s true love

October 5, 2018

One tiny dog all alone in the shelter… and then a little girl in a tutu wanders by. It’s love. We mean true love. Fireworks, roses, confetti, tiny angels flying around — the whole thing. The best thing. The thing we want to see come true for every single homeless dog or cat (and lonely… Learn More


Should animal organizations post the same content multiple times on Twitter?

October 2, 2018

No animal organization wants to come across as spammy. In fact, on some social networks such as Facebook, posting too frequently will work against you. But on Twitter, more is better, and so is repeating yourself. Two years ago, Twitter gave accounts the ability to re-post — known on the platform as a re-Tweet, or… Learn More


So, You Want Some Money? How to Apply for Maddie's Fund® Innovation Grants

Kelly Clardy and Amber EbyThursday, September 20, 2018

Do you have questions about Maddie's Fund® Innovation Grants?

During this informative webcast, you will hear a brief overview of the Innovation Grants, Maddie's Fund Grant Portal, and the application process.

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#FeelGoodFriday: Harvey makes his own dog adoption PSA

June 29, 2018

Say you’re a dog named Harvey. Say you’re in the shelter. Say you want to grab the attention of adopters. Now, say you totally suspend all disbelief and imagine you’re a dog named Harvey who’s in a shelter and wants to grab the attention of adopters, and so you make your very own adoption promotional… Learn More


Shelter Pet Marketing is Not Adoption Counseling

Kristen Auerbach, Monica Frenden, Mike RyanMarch 2018

Marketing is about putting your best foot forward. Since pets don't know how to market, they need you to be the savviest marketer around to save their lives and give people the opportunity to fall in love. Come learn what works!

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#FeelGoodFriday: Adopted pit bull’s makeup tutorials take YouTube by storm

March 23, 2018

YouTube has become the land of the beauty guru, with channels boasting from hundreds to many millions of followers earnestly explaining how best to highlight and contour the face, conceal flaws, and create the perfect brow look. But they all may as well shut down and give up, because Malachi the rescue pit bull has… Learn More


Social media getting tough for animal organizations? Search may be filling the gap

March 22, 2018

The term “SEO” — for "search engine optimization" — has an almost outdated sound to it in an era when many animal organizations have shifted much of their focus from the web to social media, particularly Facebook, to drive adoptions, donations and awareness. But as Facebook re-conceives how it delivers posts made by nonprofits to… Learn More


#FeelGoodFriday: 6-year-old boy is saving all the dogs

March 9, 2018

This little boy is definitely every homeless dog’s best friend! Roman loves dogs and wants them to find homes. He wants that so much he makes adoption videos for them, showcasing their amazing qualities and explaining why adopting one of them would make your life better. In fact, we’re pretty sure if you just do… Learn More


This animal organization donor ‘thank you’ message is the cat’s meow!

March 8, 2018

Every animal shelter or rescue organization could use more money, right? One of the most important tools for the care and cultivation of donors is one that comes after they make their first gift: the thank you. Here’s how you can knock yours out of the park. Making sure a donor “thank you” email is… Learn More


It’s time for animal organizations to give Google My Business a look

February 27, 2018

Is Google My Business a tool animal shelters and rescue organizations should explore? Absolutely, says Lindsay Layendecker, Senior Manager of Education and Outreach at the Jacksonville Humane Society. Google My Business is a free service that allows businesses, as well as nonprofits, to create customized information, posts, events, hours, and other features to accompany their… Learn More


This New Year, resolve to start a ‘Dogs Day Out’ program at your animal shelter

December 28, 2017

A dog named Feathers at Southern Pines Animal Shelter (SPAS) in Mississippi kept getting overlooked by adopters. That is, until she went on a day outing with a volunteer. The organization thought she'd be the perfect dog to trial their new "Dogs Day Out" (DDO) program, and it turns out they were right. "Feathers is… Learn More


#FeelGoodFriday: Save your marriage. Adopt a cat today!

December 15, 2017

Every relationship has its ups and downs. Love grows cold. The toothpaste cap gets left off. It happens. What can you do? The Nevada Humane Society has the answer: CATalis, the cat adoption cure for romance that’s lost its spark. Side effects include euphoria… because cats are awesome. Once you know that adopting a cat… Learn More


It’s a new era on Facebook; is your animal organization ready?

November 28, 2017

It’s not your imagination: Facebook is getting tougher for animal welfare organizations, nonprofits, and anyone else who operates a Facebook page. While over the last several years Facebook has emerged as a vibrant platform for promoting pet adoption and reuniting lost pets with their people, recent and long-term changes on the service are making it… Learn More


Research: Why people adopt shelter pets, and recommend adoption to others

October 3, 2017

In 2014, the Shelter Pet Project, an Ad Council public service advertising campaign promoting pet adoption and funded by Maddie’s Fund® and the Humane Society of the United States, conducted a research survey of 1,402 people to understand how to increase the number of pets acquired from animal shelters and rescue organizations. What can we… Learn More


Are your emails to supporters getting deleted or ignored? Here’s how to fix that

May 18, 2017

Animal shelters and rescue groups need to communicate with their supporters. That’s how you get more volunteers, foster homes and donations. While social media has taken a big slice out of the communications pie, direct email remains a powerful tool to reach people interested in your organization and its work for animals. But just as… Learn More


Little dog helps big football star have a #FeelGoodFriday — and forever, too!

April 21, 2017

When the now-Los Angeles Rams were still the St. Louis Rams, star player Rodger Saffold let his soft side show in a heartwarming pet adoption PSA for the Animal Protective Association of Missouri. Co-starring with Saffold was Popeye, a little dog who gave the big guy some advice on acting — and a whole lot… Learn More


Advances in pet databases can help your shelter or rescue group get more pets adopted

February 8, 2017

The technological revolution of the last 25 years has had a profound impact on the animal welfare industry. Things we now take for granted, like websites that display our organizations' services and adoptable pets, pet-search databases such as and, more robust and easy to use animal sheltering software solutions, and the rise of… Learn More


One easy way to reduce a pet’s length of stay at your shelter

February 2, 2017

What can reduce a pet's length of stay in your shelter or rescue from 43 days to 14 days? A great adoption photo. Maddie’s Fund® has just launched Maddie Talks, a series of short (less than 10 minutes) motivational "Ted Talk" like videos created by animal welfare professionals and meant to provide inspiration and equip… Learn More


Shelters and rescue groups: Do you know the ideal length for increasing reach of a Facebook post?

January 25, 2017

Animal adoption organizations can add this to the “conventional wisdom is often wrong” list: Shorter posts aren’t always better on Facebook — at  least, depending on your definition of “short.” Facebook is a powerful tool allowing shelters and rescue groups to get pets adopted, recruit foster homes and volunteers, reunite lost pets with their families… Learn More


Need fresh ideas for your animal welfare communications? Go talk to a neighbor!

January 19, 2017

Ever wonder why your pet adoption listings fail to generate the interest you expect? Why your fundraising appeals fall flat? Why you aren’t getting much traction in social media for your shelter or rescue group? Maybe it’s time to get out of the animal welfare bubble and understand how your messages are coming across to… Learn More


3 apps to help your shelter or rescue create more sharable graphics

December 15, 2016

Working with a shelter or rescue group, you likely know the power of a good, sharable photo or graphic on social media. But most people in the animal welfare industry do not have a background in photography or graphic design. If you can find a volunteer or staff member with the skill, fantastic — but what… Learn More


Getting more press coverage for your shelter or rescue organization

September 20, 2016

Does your shelter or rescue group struggle with getting press coverage? If so, you’re not alone. Competition for journalists’ time is fierce. Knowing a few tips on how to stand out can help you and your animals get time in the public spotlight. The first step is having a solid press list. This is a… Learn More


Put long-stay pets in the witness protection program

August 4, 2016

You’ve tried sharing, you’ve tried begging, you’ve tried making them laugh — but that one long-stay pet is just not getting interest from adopters. What’s next? Putting them in the witness protection program, of course. What we mean is that you need to start from scratch by wiping them clean of their current identity and… Learn More


From ‘terrible’ dog to therapy dog, Eddie proves he is the least boring dog in the world

July 20, 2016

He became famous as “the most terrible dog in the world.” Now he’s a therapy dog. How did that happen? When you're transformed by love, it seems anything is possible. Even for Eddie the Terrible. In celebration of National Anti-boredom Month, we're dubbing Eddie (now Teddy) the least boring dog in the world! Now happy… Learn More


Don’t miss out on this great pet adoption idea!

June 7, 2016

You love pets or you wouldn’t be reading this. Ditto, supporting pet adoption. And you probably also love chocolate chip cookies. What do these things have to do with one another? In a classic marketing study conducted back in the 70s, researchers are Columbia University offered their test subjects jars of chocolate chip cookies, and… Learn More


Maddie Talks: Aha Moments - Inspirational Speakers Getting it Done

May 2016

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The Force will be with homeless pets on the MaddieCam April 16

April 14, 2016

Can Star Wars characters help get pets adopted? In a land far, far away they can – and do! On April 16, in Kansas City, MO, the newest MaddieCam Network member, KC Pet Project, will celebrate its Third Annual Star Wars Day. No, this isn’t just a really early “May the 4th Be With You”… Learn More


3 things pet lovers need to know about helping pets on Facebook

April 7, 2016

It happens all the time. You come across a photo of a pet on Facebook who's looking for a home, and you want to help. What can you do besides adopting him yourself? If you're thinking, "Share the post!", you’re right. But despite your best intentions, you might not know the most effective way to… Learn More


Social media help for veterinary practices that are fostering orphaned kittens

March 10, 2016

Would you like local veterinarians to help foster orphaned kittens for your rescue group or shelter? Would the clinics be more willing to participate if they were offered some PR support? Or are you a veterinary practice that is already fostering kittens, or would like to, but could use some help getting them adopted, as… Learn More


May the Force (and social media) be with your pet adoption promotions

February 25, 2016

Can Star Wars excitement get pets adopted? Yes; just ask Kylo Ren Cat. When the Monmouth County SPCA noticed one of its available cats resembled the actor who played villain Kylo Ren in the most recent Star Wars film, they quickly renamed him “Kylo Ren” and hit Instagram with his photo, asking, “Tell me this… Learn More


What the MaddieCam Network can teach you about marketing your pets and your organization

February 24, 2016

Is reality TV entertaining? How about addicting? Most people would say yes to both. But while this might explain the popularity of ‘The Bachelor,’ we think something else entirely is going on when it comes to the MaddieCam Network! The MaddieCam Network is your go-to destination for watching cute pets and fun activities at shelters… Learn More


Pet adoption and the science of cat videos

January 21, 2016

Science has spoken: Watching cat videos is good for human health. It reduces stress, boosts energy, and makes us happier. So how can you turn all those positive benefits to getting cats adopted? In an Indiana University Media School press release for a recent study conducted by researcher Jessica Gall Myrick and published in Computers in… Learn More


Does using the language of retail devalue shelter pets?

November 5, 2015

When animal shelters and rescue groups talk about “promoting” pets available for adoption, or adopting “two for the price of one,” does that choice of language reduce pets to the level of a commodity? At a daylong workshop presented by Maddie’s Fund® at Animal Care Expo several years ago, Bonney Brown, then Director of the… Learn More


One fast, easy tip to get more comments and reach on pet adoption Facebook posts

October 1, 2015

You can give your shelter or rescue group’s Facebook posts a big jump-start on reach and engagement by posting the first comment yourself. And yes, you can even do that on scheduled posts! Facebook’s algorithm analyzes activity on every Facebook post, and uses that activity to increase or decrease the number of your followers they’ll… Learn More


Beyond Labels: Advocating for all Dogs, with the Love-A-Bull Team - Part 3

Lindsey OrtizFebruary 2015

Take a look into the ways that advocacy on individual and community levels can have a positive impact on treating all dogs equally, eliminating breed-related stigmas, abolishing outdated policies and improving the chances for targeted breeds to find homes and their families access to resources. Learn More


Effective Dog Marketing for Adoption

Elizabeth Doyle and Summer HugginsFebruary 2015

Marketing dogs, especially hard-to-place dogs, is an art form as well as a systematic process. Learn how to create a winning system utilizing a volunteer force, as well as how to write effectively about those dogs to get adoption applications coming in. Learn More


Cat Marketing

Ashley FerryFebruary 2015

There is no more powerful way to get cats adopted than through good marketing.  Austin Pets Alive! Cat Marketing Team discusses how to save cats by increasing their chances of adoption.  Learn More


Cat Adoptions 2.0 High Volume Cat Adoptions

Monica FrendenFebruary 2015

Too many cats, not enough adopters? Supersize your cat adoption program! In this Level 2 seminar, you'll learn how to manage a population of hundreds of cats in varying stages of your organization. Learn More


Marketing 2.0

Diane BlankenburgFebruary 2015

How do you get name recognition on a limited budget? What image do you want to create? What puts you on the map? What is the purpose of your marketing materials? Learn More


Why Creative Writing is Essential to Saving Lives

Elizabeth DoyleFebruary 2015

Learn how to get more pets adopted through better marketing and advertising using online venues and volunteer photographers. Learn More


Facebook for Beginners

Melissa MillerFebruary 2015

This session focuses on the basic concepts of Facebook and how you can best use the social media channel to save more animals in your shelter or rescue.  Learn More


Twitter for Beginners

Melissa MillerFebruary 2015

This session focuses on the basic concepts of Twitter and how you can best use the social media channel to save more animals in your shelter or rescue.  Learn More


How to Keep Your Newsletters Out of the Spam Folder

Amy StarnesFebruary 2015

Email management and marketing is much more than simply opening a free Gmail account. You need a strategy and an email marketing platform.  Learn More


The Adoptline Team: Virtual Frontline of Austin Pets Alive

Patty Lepley Alexander and Gerri KapplerFebruary 2015

Austin Pets Alive!’s (APA) Adoptline Response Team provides email and phone mail responses to inquiries 365 days a year, 14 hours a day and has been critical in increasing APA's adoptions. Learn More


The Evolution of Adoption Programs: Marketing to Save Lives, Part 2

Julie Levy, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, Caitlin QuinnMay 2014

Innovations in the way we consider marketing adoptions in shelters mean that everyone has the opportunity to put on their PR hat - including medical team members! Once breed-neutral policies are in place, learn how to implement strategies that decrease barriers to adoption and increase live outcomes. Learn More