Vet to Vet: Ponazuril Protocols for Shelters

Staci Cannon, DVMMay 2014

Research on the use of ponazuril for the treatment of coccidiosis in cats and dogs. Learn More


Coccidia in a Shelter Setting

Danielle Boes, DVMJuly 2013

Coccidia is a hearty organism that can cause unrelenting issues in the animal shelter. This talk will review best practices in managing, treating and preventing these organisms in your population. Learn More


Diagnosis and Treatment of Protozoal Infections in Shelters

Laura Andersen, DVMOctober 2011

Protozoal infections in shelters are not always easy to deal with. Learn from Dr. Laura Andersen, third year Maddie's Shelter Medicine Resident at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, as she shares her latest research findings and ways shelters can use this information to diagnose, treat and manage protozoal infections in animal shelters and rescues. Learn More