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Animal Organization Categories 

For the purpose of Maddie's Fund applications and projects, there are three categories of organizations: Animal Control, Traditional and Adoption Guarantee.

  • Animal Control (AC): Municipal agencies or animal organizations that contract with local governments to provide animal control services.
  • Traditional (TR): Animal organizations that manage shelter populations by euthanizing pets that are considered to be healthy or treatable in addition to unhealthy & untreatable animals. If a traditional shelter has a contract with local government to provide animal control services, please include this organization in the Animal Control category.
  • Adoption Guarantee (AG): Animal organizations that save all the healthy and treatable animals under their care, with euthanasia reserved only for unhealthy & untreatable animals. An adoption guarantee organization could be an animal shelter, rescue group, foster care organization, or sanctuary.

An animal organization does not have to call itself an adoption guarantee organization, but it does have to: (1) save all healthy and treatable animals under its care and make public its commitment to doing so; (2) clearly articulate to its community that it is saving all healthy and treatable animals under its care; (3) use the definitions of healthy and treatable as described by the Asilomar Accords; and (4) publish, at least annually, in the organization's primary publications and on its website, the organization's shelter statistics, including the number of live intakes, adoptions, returns to owners/guardians, transfers, died in kennel, and euthanasia, including owner-requested euthanasia.