Who is Maddie?

Maddie was a beloved Miniature Schnauzer whose unconditional love, devotion, loyalty and spirit inspired her caregivers to start a charitable foundation, Maddie's Fund®, in her name.

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Adopt a pet by December 23rd and have Maddie's Fund elves deliver your perfect one-of-a-kind gift to your front door on Christmas Eve! (to qualified homes)

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The Million Cat Challenge seeks to partner with animal shelters across North America to implement one or more, or all five initiatives designed to increase the number of cats who leave shelters alive.

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Adopt the pet of your dreams from Maddie's Adoption Program. There are many ways you can meet your new best friend. Check out the list of wonderful dogs and cats available for adoption today!

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Cornell Vet Students

Shelter medicine was unheard of in the 1970s. Today, many animal shelters are working with shelter medicine programs and veterinarians to save upwards of 90% of the animals in their care. Watch our short documentary film, Shelter Medicine the Past, Present and Future of Saving Animals' Lives. For more info and to watch the video click here


Featured Dog

The Dynamic Duo!

Maggie and Mae

Maggie and Mae bring double the pleasure and double the fun. These petite little BFFs are mini-queens of cuddling, playing together and spreading joy to everyone nearby. Bonus: because they're so dainty, they BOTH can be on your lap at the same time! Does it get any better than that?

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Featured Cat

Curvaceous and Colorful!


She's a big, friendly kitty with the most amazing coat you've ever seen! Meet gorgeous Athena. Read more

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