Maddie's® Tail Wag is a collection of activities and coloring pages for animal lovers of all ages, now available for two different age groups! Children 6 & Under and kids 7 - 10 can color and learn to their hearts content.

For the younger crowd, these fun and educational pages are intended to help children develop skills necessary for entrance into kindergarten. It's a great tool for parents as well as animal welfare organizations that want to develop their humane education programs. While youngsters work on basics like shapes, colors and numbers, Maddie and her cartoon friends help teach responsibility, empathy and the benefits of animal companionship.

New for 2020!
Kids 7 - 10 can follow the journey of Wiggle and Waggle, a homeless dog and cat on their journey from the streets to the shelter to a foster home and finally, an adoptive home! Along the way, they will find mazes, word scrambles, a dog treat recipe and more, to keep them engaged.

Maddie's® Tail Wag, illustrated by Maddie’s Fund’s own Dr. Laurie Peek, was inspired by a Miniature Schnauzer named Maddie, the frisky, energetic, loyal and loving companion of Cheryl and Dave Duffield, founders of Maddie's Fund.

Both activity books are available in PDF for immediate use.

The 6 & Under version is available in both English and Spanish and can also be ordered in bulk quantities by animal welfare organizations, youth groups and educational organizations.

Ages 6 & Under

Ages 7 - 10

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