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Maddie's Shelter Medicine Research Grant Guidelines 

Maddie's Fund® is interested in providing grants to U.S. Colleges of Veterinary Medicine for the discovery of new shelter medicine information that helps advance adoption guarantee shelter practices and methods.


  • Studies must aim to improve the health and well-being of shelter animals and must demonstrate direct relevance to adoption guarantee shelter practices and methods.
  • Studies must follow accepted scientific principles so that results are credible.
  • No terminal research projects will be accepted, and all studies involving the use of live animals must be approved by the institution's Animal Care and Use Committee prior to funding.

General information:

  • The size of the grant will be based on the specific needs associated with the research project. There is no maximum grant size limit.
  • Indirect costs may not exceed 10%.
  • Applicants may be faculty veterinarians, veterinary residents, or veterinary students under the guidance of a faculty mentor.
  • Maddie's® Shelter Medicine Research grants will not fund full-time faculty salaries or major equipment costs.
  • Renewal applications may be considered if applicable.
  • All investigators receiving a Maddie's® Shelter Medicine Research grant are required to recognize Maddie's Fund in any and all publications and presentations arising from the research.
  • Copies of all publications stemming from this project should be submitted to Maddie's Fund at the time of publication.
  • A final report must be submitted to Maddie's Fund within 90 days of project completion.
  • There is no deadline for submission of applications.
  • Interested applicants should send their letter of inquiry with all the items listed below to Dr. Laurie Peek via e-mail ( or mail two copies to Maddie's Fund, 6150 Stoneridge Mall Road, Suite 125, Pleasanton, CA 94588. Requests for full proposals will be made by the Maddie's Fund Director of Veterinary Programs.

Each copy of the letter of inquiry must include a:

  1. Cover page including the title of the proposed study, the name and title or position of principal and co-investigators, a mailing address and an email address for each investigator, and the amount requested.
  2. Clearly articulated description of how the study will help advance adoption guarantee shelter practices and methods.
  3. Project summary (limited to two pages) including background information, study design, description of animal care procedures and of the effects on animals studied, expectation of results, method of analysis, and estimated time to completion.
  4. Project budget.
  5. Curriculum vitae (maximum of 2 pages per individual) of each investigator.