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Lifesaving is unstoppable when we put our heads together.

What is Maddie's® Pet Forum?

Maddie’s Pet Forum is the online community for shelters, rescue organizations, volunteers, fosters, and adopters to share information, resources and expertise.

Do you have a challenge and want to avoid spending precious time and energy trying to solve it? Why re-invent the wheel? Often times, a solution to a problem has already been found. Maddie’s Pet Forum enables you to ask a question or start a discussion with fellow animal lovers across the country. The forum is always open so you can post 24/7.

The forum is a place to keep in touch as well as a place to meet people with similar concerns and interests. Keep the conversation going after conferences end or stay up to date on what’s happening on the ground floor from people like you who work every day to save pet lives.

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How is this different than other forums?

  • Free! No membership fee and no advertising or other distracting factors.
  • Open to everyone!
  • Sharing information and building a public knowledge base is a key goal for the forum. By doing so, shelters and rescues can better support pets, their owners and foster caregivers.

Who should join? Why should you join?

The forum is open to everyone. Anyone who volunteers or works for a shelter or rescue group, cares for a pet, or just loves animals should join. Every voice matters when it comes to putting our heads together to increase lifesaving and help pets. Great ideas come from everyone!

You should join if:

  1. you’re passionate about saving more lives
  2. you’re looking for new solutions to issues you’re experiencing in your shelter or rescue group
  3. you’re curious about how others handle specific situations
  4. you want to participate in discussions with others who do what you do
  5. you want expert advice from subject matter experts
  6. you’re a subject matter expert yourself and want to share your knowledge
  7. you have resources to share or need resources from others

Features include:

  • 24/7 animal welfare conversations
  • Personalized feed and notifications specific to your interests
  • Resource library – upload and share documents, files, images and videos
  • Sophisticated search that puts animal welfare content front and center
  • Create or join public or private Groups

We are dedicated to maintaining a respectful and inclusive community. Please review our Community Guidelines for participation on Maddie’s® Pet Forum.

How do I sign up?

It’s simple. Start connecting with new and old friends across the country who are just as passionate as you are about animals!

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"The forum is an excellent platform, it’s an opportunity to ask questions to people who are most likely to have the answers. It’s also a great learning tool for things I didn’t know that I didn’t know.” - Kim Kamins, Fearless Kitty Rescue (AZ)

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