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At the heart of our mission to achieve a no-kill nation, is a very important group of people: foster caregivers. 
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Maddie's Pet Assistant

A tool to provide foster caregivers with enhanced support for questions and challenges during the critical first days of bringing the animal(s) home; while providing valuable insights to organizations.

Maddie's Pet Forum®

Maddie's® Pet Forum is the online community for shelters, rescue organizations, volunteers, fosters and adopters to share information, resources and expertise.

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    #FeelGoodFriday: Kitten with 24 toes gets adopted in Texas

    July 05, 2019

    Titus Pullo was found hanging around a barn. But he was a little different than your average black and white kitten. This little guy had extra toes on all four of his feet. (Which makes him a bit of an overachiever since most polydactyl cats have extra toes on their front paws only.) Most cats… Learn More

    How shelters can overcome obstacles to dog field trips and save more lives

    July 02, 2019

    Chesapeake Animal Services is one of a string of organizations that have invited the public to take their dogs on field tripsand emptied their dog kennels in the process! It may look easy, but all of ... Learn More

    #MaddieMonday: Create your own training for staff, Alachua County Community Collaborative Project story and more!

    July 01, 2019

    Create your own custom Maddie’s University training for staff, volunteers and fosters How would you ... Learn More

    #FeelGoodFriday: Little boy makes videos to get dogs adopted

    June 28, 2019

    When Roman was just four years old, he got bit by the rescue bug. He collected donations for a rescu... Learn More