Fundraising 1: Grass Roots Fundraising

February 2015 by Lindy Hardin and Katy Bryant

Audience: Executive Leadership, Shelter/Rescue Staff & Volunteers

Video Length: 35 minutes

San Antonio Pets Alive! started in 2012 with the help of Best Friends Animal Society, who funded part of their budget. The organization had to quickly get on its feet to raise the rest of the funds needed to save 5,000 animals.  The presenters share what they did to hit the ground running, what worked, what didn’t work as well as expected and how to divide and conquer.  This program was part of the American Pets Alive! 2015 No-Kill Conference.

About Katy Bryant

Katy Bryant joined the San Antonio Pets Alive! (SAPA) Marketing and Fundraising Teams shortly after SAPA was established in San Antonio. As the owner of Laser Printers and Mailing Services, Katy has brought her direct mail fundraising skills and experience to the organization. The fundraising team has since built a considerable database and direct mail marketing program from the ground up, spreading the word of the San Antonio Pets Alive mission to make San Antonio a no-kill City. In addition, Katy has served as Board President for San Antonio Postal Customer Council and is currently a Board member for Ropin’ Dreams.

About Lindy Hardin

Lindy Hardin was the 2012-2013 Development Director of San Antonio Pets Alive! and worked with the relatively new organization since its inception in 2012. She joined the SAPA Board in 2014 and continues to dedicate the bulk of her time outside of her 18-year career at AT&T to help raise funds via grant writing, event planning, donor encouragement and business sponsorships for San Antonio Pets Alive and the mission of a no-kill San Antonio.  Lindy has volunteered with various non-profit boards in the San Antonio community and served as Board President of San Antonio AIDS Foundation, Women of AT&T and YWCA, creating programs, planning events and raising funds.


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