Maddie's Fund grants are designed to help build and sustain a no-kill nation so shelter dogs and cats can be guaranteed a loving home.


With Maddie's Education and University, you'll find cutting edge information about animal care and best practices for both animal welfare professionals and the community at large.


We encourage and enable research within the animal welfare industry that tests innovative ideas, projects and programs in order to break through barriers, boundaries and obstacles to save more pet lives.


We stand alongside fellow and future leaders to cultivate their potential and amplify their efforts.

Foster Care

At the heart of our mission to save 8 million lives every year is a very important group of people: foster caregivers.

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The Million Cat Challenge is saving shelter cats, #ThanksToMaddie!

February 16, 2017

“Every cat counts.” That’s the motto of our funded Million Cat Challenge, and it’s one Maddie’s FundĀ® wholeheartedly believes in. That’s why, from April 29 to May 31, 2016, we gave 596 grants totaling $617,500 to shelters that joined the Challenge and to shelters Challenge that referred new participants. The Million Cat Challenge was launched… Learn More

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