Maddie's Pet Adoption Days 

  • Dates: May 31 - June 1, 2014
  • Total adoptions: 16,665
  • Participating Organizations: 200+ in 9 states
  • Total Funding: $13,318,000

Maddie's® Pet Adoption Days is the nation's biggest no-cost shelter pet adoption event. In addition to helping find homes for shelter dogs and cats, this annual event aims to increase awareness of shelter animals and recognize and support the tireless efforts of shelters and rescue organizations. The adoption event honors the memory of our foundation's namesake, Maddie.

In 2014, its fifth year, Maddie's® Pet Adoption Days was held the weekend of May 31 and June 1. More than 200 shelters and rescue groups in 9 states worked hard to find homes for 16,665 shelter pets - an increase of 98% over last year's 8,432 adoptions! Maddie's Fund originally set aside $10 million this year to underwrite these adoptions, but the total donation amount was $13,318,000.

Maddie's® Pet Adoption Days has supported the adoptions of more than 30,000 homeless dogs and cats since the program's inception in 2010. For each pet adopted, Maddie's Fund® gives participating shelters from $500 to $2,000 to cover the true costs of those adoptions. This funding enables the shelters and rescue groups to save and treat more animals throughout the year.

Maddie's® Pet Adoption Days is a collaborative effort of countless people trying to save the lives of shelter animals, a testament to what can be done when people come together and rally for a common cause.

2014 participating communities:

Mobile County

Maricopa County

Alameda County
Contra Costa County
San Francisco
Santa Clara County

Gainesville (Alachua County)
Lee County

New York
New York City
Tompkins County

Washoe County



Dane County