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Learn how to get it right during the first hour a pet comes into contact with shelter or rescue personnel.

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Check out information to create a successful adoption program that is both innovative and effective.

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Animal Behavior

Learn effective and reliable methods of evaluating temperament and behavior in dogs and cats.

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Budgets and Financial Development

Learn more about successful development strategies on a shoe-string budget.

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Caring for Special Populations of Animals

Learn how to best care for and increase your live release rates.

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Learn how to better build positive, working relationships with your community.

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Community Cats

Learn from the experts how to community-based initiatives to find lifesaving alternatives for community cats.

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Customer Service

Learn how to build excellent customer service skills to change the public’s perception of shelters and rescues.

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Evolution of the No-Kill Movement

Learn to create change through municipal legislation, animal control, community programs and agency collaboration

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Facility Design

Learn how to design your facility to enhance health and behavior for animals.

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Flow-Through Planning

Learn how to control the movement of animals through your shelter to avoid infectious disease and stress.

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Foster Programs

Learn how a good foster program can expand shelter capacity without requiring additional space or staff.

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Marketing, PR and Social Media

Learning how to do this well is an enormous boon to the organization and its mission.

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Medical Health and Wellness

Learn about shelter medicine, focusing on both the prevention and treatment of health and behavior.

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Organizational Management

Learn how to operate as a business and a professional, well-oiled machine.

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Pet Retention

Learn how your shelters or rescue can be a better resource to the community.

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Policies and Procedures

Well-written standard operating procedures and guidelines for care are absolutely essential.

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Staff and Volunteers

Shelters and rescues require excellent leadership, training, professional development and engagement.

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Surgery and Sterilization

Learn how veterinary care staff can improve their practices to provide the best care possible to your patients.

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Using Data and Statistics

Learn how to use all sorts of shelter and rescue data to make informed, thoughtful programmatic decisions.

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  • What to Do About Ear Problems in Dogs

    June 2015

    Itching, pain and infection in the ears can be a major hindrance to finding a home for a shelter or fostered dog. That's because the suffering these symptoms cause can affect a dog's personality, as well as raise concern in potential adopters about the difficulty of treating ear problems. Resolving the condition, however, can be difficult for shelters and rescue groups, too. What can they do to help these dogs?
  • Stopping Seborrhea in Dogs

    May 2015

    Seborrhea in dogs can be caused by underlying skin disease or by a primary skin defect. While not life-threatening, the odor and appearance can make it very difficult to find a home for even the friendliest, most appealing dog. What can shelters and foster homes do to resolve this condition in dogs they're caring for?
  • Canine Influenza Outbreak

    May 2015

    No one in animal welfare or veterinary medicine can have missed the news about the outbreak of a new strain of canine influenza that hit Chicago and nearby communities in the last month. This is the first time this strain of the disease has been identified in the United States.

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Continuing Education

  • RACE

    Maddie's Institute® is proud to offer continuing education for veterinary professionals through our RACE approved webcasts (live and on-demand). The Registry of Approved Continuing Education (RACE) is one of the four key programs provided by the American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB). The purpose of the RACE program is to develop and apply uniform standards related to providers and programs of continuing education in veterinary medicine. Learn More
  • CAWA

    Maddie's Institute® also offers Certified Animal Welfare Administrators (CAWA) continuing education through The Society of Animal Welfare Administrators’ Professional Certification Program. CAWA is designed to distinguish the knowledge, skills and achievements of high-level managers working in animal welfare and protection; to support best practices within the profession; and to broaden the understanding among those making hiring decisions and the general public of the specialized qualifications required to successfully lead non-profit organizations and governmental agencies dedicated to animal care. Learn More

  • Heartworm Disease in Dogs and Cats

    This learning track features information from shelter medicine experts on the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of heartworm disease is dogs and cats. The following webcast, presentation and article have corresponding quizzes offering a printable Certificate of Attendance for completion! Learn More
  • Caring for Orphaned Kittens

    This robust learning track is an essential resource to strengthen your shelter or foster care programs to save kitten's lives. We've compiled webcasts, how to videos, articles, blog posts, protocols and more to highlight the latest in shelter medicine to train your workforce. Learn More

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  • Shelter and Rescue Data

    Tracking numbers is key to the success of any animal welfare organization. Statistics are navigation devices - they tell you where you are, where you've been and what you need to do to get to where you want to go. Additionally, definitions can help guide organizational resource allocation. Statistics and definitions together tell you how well you're fulfilling your lifesaving mission, and help create organizational efficiencies, define goals and priorities; save lives and builds public support. Learn More
  • Survey Results

    Maddie's Institute® has asked shelter and rescue organizations to participate in our surveys. Through these surveys we can design tools and information to better serve you and the animals in your care. Learn what your colleagues have said on a variety of topics from orphaned kitten care to training and development, staff and volunteer engagement, plus much more! Learn More