Maddie's Pet Assistant

Maddie's® Pet Assistant is a tool to help foster caregivers or adopters with enhanced support for questions or challenges, while providing valuable insights to your organization.

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What is Maddie's® Pet Assistant?

Maddie's® Pet Assistant (MPA) is an app for mobile phones and tablets developed by Maddie's Fund® to help animal shelters and rescue organizations provide support to and communicate with caregivers after pets go home. Think of it as another tool in your toolbox to help animals succeed in their journey beyond the shelter.

How does your organization benefit?

This unique app benefits not only adopters or foster caregivers but also shelter and rescue organizations. It's a win-win!

Benefits include:

  • Learning how to help adopted pets stay in their new homes and how to help foster pets settle into their temporary homes.
  • Clearly communicating to adopters and foster caregivers that you care about their success.
  • Enhancing the customer service and adoption experience; enhancing caregiver's experience for foster program retention.
  • Strengthening support programs for new pet parents and foster caregivers; and most importantly, knowing which programs they truly need.
  • Gaining valuable data about pets' behavior and health in a home environment.
  • Engaging volunteers and staff with continued professional education.
  • Collecting a wealth of adorable stories, pictures and videos directly from adopters and foster caregivers via the app's sharing function.
  • Tracking weight, vaccinations schedules, pet biographies and more!

How does Maddie's® Pet Assistant work?

It's all about support and communication. The app gives caregivers the opportunity to submit questions, photos and videos and take surveys. Via submitted surveys, your organization can gather valuable information about how the pet is doing in their foster or adoptive home, especially as it relates to potential problems or challenges. If an adopter or foster caregiver reports a concern in a survey, they receive an immediate email response, crafted by shelter medicine veterinarians and behaviorists, to educate them and help resolve the issue. Your organization's staff and/or volunteers can review all submitted survey responses at any time to offer additional, direct support as needed.


"This is such a fantastic resource on SO many levels! It's going to help adopters, obviously, but what I'm most excited about is it will help our team know the areas in which we need to improve upon! I just can't thank Maddie's Fund enough!"

- Tina Hunter, Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach

What are the tech requirements?

At this time automatic data entry for Maddie's® Pet Assistant is only available to organizations that use Animal Shelter Manager, PetPoint or Shelterluv shelter management software.

For all other management systems, we offer the option of manually entering your pets', adopters' and/or foster caregivers' data directly into the MPA website.

Interested in learning more?

To learn more, check out these instructional videos about all the ins and outs of Maddie's® Pet Assistant. And, fill out the below to get started!

Please only fill out the form if you're an organization. Adopters and fosters, please contact your organization for more information about using the app. To avoid follow-up emails going to your spam folder, please add and to your address book.