Outpatient Parvo Apprenticeship

Outpatient Parvo Treatment Apprenticeship

Deadline for application has passed but check back for future opportunities in 2017!

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Is canine parvovirus a problem for puppies and dogs in your community? Is hospital treatment financially out of reach for people with the very dogs most likely to be stricken with the disease – those who haven’t been vaccinated or received regular veterinary care?

Maddie’s Fund is partnering with Dr. Jeffrey Stupine and the Pennsylvania SPCA (PSPCA) to offer a one-week apprenticeship program on an outpatient parvo treatment program in under-served and low-income communities. 

The apprenticeship program will focus on the treatment of affected pets that minimizes the risk of infection to other dogs in the community and in the shelter environment. It will be adaptable to animal shelters and foster-based programs as well as private homes in the community.

On-site training at the PSPCA will include physical examination and monitoring, testing, client/owner communication, quarantine protocols, the development of standard treatment protocols that can be utilized in your shelter, foster program, and hospital, and more.

The results of a recent study of this program at the PSPCA, funded by Maddie’s Fund®, saw 84 percent of the treated dogs survive, most only with care provided at home and at the shelter’s outpatient clinic.

If you’d like to see results like that in the area served by your organization, foster program, or veterinary clinic, apply now to this comprehensive apprenticeship program and find out how you can provide accessible, affordable care to prevent the spread of parvo while treating sick puppies and dogs in your community, too.

The course, including an on-line component, is designed to provide the information needed to implement similar programs in other communities, so the desire and ability to repeat the clinic at the apprentices’ facilities will be a large determining factor in evaluating applicants.

Who should apply:

Shelter or private practice veterinarians, vet techs, clinic managers or senior administrators are encouraged to apply.

The dates and number of candidates:

Six apprentice candidates will be selected for the six week program from June 20 thru the end of July, 2016, with each apprentice spending 1 week on-site at the Pennsylvania SPCA.

Applications accepted:

Between June 2 - June 10, 2016. Candidates will be notified of acceptance by June 14, via phone or email.

If you are accepted, what to do before you go:

Complete the on-line component, along with a quiz, before departure for the on-site visit.


A $1,500 stipend to covering the cost of travel and accommodations will be awarded with each apprenticeship.