Pet Evaluation Matrix 

A Pet Evaluation Matrix (PEM) is a list of specific, commonly seen medical and behavioral conditions that may occur in individual sheltered animals. A PEM categorizes the conditions as healthy, treatable-rehabilitatable, treatable-manageable or unhealthy & untreatable using Asilomar Accords definitions based on the standard of care an individual pet owner in that community would provide their pet. Many benefits come from creating a PEM:

  • A PEM serves as a report card, allowing the shelter to compare its level of lifesaving to that of pet guardians in the community.  Shelters should strive to set an example by meeting - and exceeding - the standard of care provided by pet owners in the community.
  • Provides more confidence to community stakeholders, enabling everyone to have a better understanding of their shelter/community's lifesaving progress and compare it to others.
  • Allows the shelter to get a better handle on the health and behavior of its population, thereby enabling it to better determine the resources it will need to provide for their care.

Here are examples of PEM from across the country: