Maddie's® Senior and Hospice Foster Program

June 22 - 24 and July 12 - 15, 2017

Maddie's® Senior Dog Foster & Hospice Apprenticeship at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Want to create a robust foster program designed to empower volunteers and Want to create a foster program vital to changing the way the world thinks about senior and terminally ill shelter dogs? Want to create a foster program to increase life-saving through the number of senior and hospice dogs the public takes in to their homes? Want to spread the joy that senior dogs and hospice dogs have to offer? Then the Maddie's® Senior Dog Foster and Hospice Program is the perfect program for you to learn!

Learn how to recruit for, market, manage and implement a foster program geared to the specific needs of seniors and end of life care.

Students of this apprenticeship will learn how to start and run a foster program for senior and hospice dogs in their own communities. Participants will learn all the programs and protocols as they relate to creating a hospice and foster program. Students will see first hand how dogs are selected for these programs, how the dogs are vetted, cared for and how to determine which dogs qualify for life-long care and support from the organization.

Who Should Apply?
This apprenticeship opportunity is for shelter/rescue organization directors, staff and volunteers who are interested in learning how to be the most effective at implementing this type of program in their organization. Organizations with limited staff and financial resources are especially encouraged to apply, as the programs taught may actually reduce operating costs.

How Does it Work?
This apprenticeship is three days, plus travel. Interns will spend three days at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco, California. This program will teach students how to market, grow and sustain a program for senior and hospice dogs, so that more communities are saving this lovable, adorable and deserving population of pets!

A $1,500 stipend to cover travel and lodging will be awarded to the organization of each student chosen.

Applications May 19 - June 2, 2017 - Application Closed

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