One easy way to reduce a pet’s length of stay at your shelter

February 2, 2017

What can reduce a pet's length of stay in your shelter or rescue from 43 days to 14 days? A great adoption photo. Maddie’s Fund® has just launched Maddie Talks, a series of short (less than 10 minutes) motivational "Ted Talk" like videos created by animal welfare professionals and meant to provide inspiration and equip… Learn More


Photos of Shelter Pets are Their Voices - Make Them Sing!

Tim YeaglinJanuary 2017

Taking a great adoption photograph and giving your homeless pets a voice isn't difficult or time-consuming and doesn't need expensive gear. Learn More


Time to Stop Playing the Breed ID Game

Kristen Auerbach and Caitlin QuinnJanuary 2017

Ending the guessing game of assigning breed labels to shelter dogs will increase adoptions and make better matches between pets and people. Find out what the research says in this webcast! Learn More


How joining in the Seventh Annual Celebrate Shelter Pets Day can help more pets find homes

November 29, 2016

People are seven times more likely to adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue group if they know someone who has. Here’s how you can be that someone! Thursday, December 1, 2016, is the Seventh Annual Celebrate Shelter Pets Day, an event started by our funded Shelter Pet Project to get the friends and… Learn More


Reducing Cat Intake

Jordan CraigFebruary 2017

Learn how the Austin Animal Center (AAC) saves more than 95% of cats. Learn More


No Cat Left Behind: How to Get Special Needs Cats Adopted

Monica FrendenFebruary 2017

Learn how to place special needs cats through innovative programs, marketing, and adopter support. Learn More


Matchmaking - Working with Adopters and Pets to Increase Adoptions

Ryan PlunkettFebruary 2017

Learn about how this program develops and maintains cutting-edge initiatives aimed at decreasing dog length of stay and improving the success rate of adoptions. Learn More


It may be time to say goodbye to breed labels on all shelter dogs

November 1, 2016

There’s renewed interest in identifying shelter dogs not by breed but by their physical and personality traits. What’s prompted that, and is it an idea whose time has come? The idea itself isn’t new. Some adoption organizations did away with breed labels long ago, with some simply calling them “All American Shelter Dogs.” In fact,… Learn More


The winners of our #ShowUsYourFoster contest have been chosen!

October 11, 2016

We asked and you answered! Thanks to everyone who entered our #ShowUsYourFoster contest. Hundreds of entries poured in, making it that much more difficult for our celebrity judges to choose a winner. So much so that we had to extend the deadline for them, and chose 9 runners-up of both dogs and cats! Drumroll it’s… Learn More


Innovative Fostering: Saving More Dogs with Behavioral Challenges

Kristen AuerbachAugust 2016

Has your shelter struggled to achieve live outcomes for dogs who display common behavioral challenges like kennel stress, barrier reactivity and fear-based aggression? Learn how you could turn that around and save more dogs lives. Learn More


One Shelter's Journey to Save More Feline Lives

Dr. Cristie KamiyaAugust 2016

What real-world difference can the initiatives of the Million Cat Challenge make in an animal shelter? Hear an overview of how implementing those initiatives has impacted their life-saving capacity for cats. Learn More


Canine Identity Crisis: How Breed Labeling Affects Adoption, Part 1

Lisa Gunter, MAJuly 2016

Should we continue to use visual identification if it could have adverse effects on length of stay and adoptions? Learn More


Canine Identity Crisis: How Breed Labeling Affects Adoption, Part 2

Liz FinchJuly 2016

Four groundbreaking case studies show that removing labels is a low-cost intervention that could improve outcomes for many, perhaps all, breeds - including pit bulls. Learn More


From ‘terrible’ dog to therapy dog, Eddie proves he is the least boring dog in the world

July 20, 2016

He became famous as “the most terrible dog in the world.” Now he’s a therapy dog. How did that happen? When you're transformed by love, it seems anything is possible. Even for Eddie the Terrible. In celebration of National Anti-boredom Month, we're dubbing Eddie (now Teddy) the least boring dog in the world! Now happy… Learn More


How to make sure adopters are welcome at your shelter or rescue group

June 28, 2016

Are ‘Adopters Welcome’ at your shelter or rescue group? If not, a new DIY action plan can help you get on board with this revolutionary adoption philosophy. Even if they already are, this resource can help you kick it up a notch! The Humane Society of the United States created Adopters Welcome not only to… Learn More


Stress Reduction: Happy and Healthy Shelter Dogs

Dr. Sara L. BennettJune 2016

Everyone wants to make sheltered life better for dogs while they wait to get adopted. Learn what works and what doesn't in this webcast.
Learn More


Re-thinking risk: Should we adopt cats to indoor/outdoor homes?

June 2, 2016

Should shelters and rescue groups refuse to adopt cats to homes that intend to let the cats go outdoors? Tanya Hilgendorf is president and CEO of the Humane Society of Huron Valley in Ann Arbor, Mich., where she believes the best adoptions happen when you match the right cat to the right home — even… Learn More


When Community Cats Need a New Address: Secrets to a Successful Relocation Program

June 1, 2016

Learn how to start and run a community cat relocation program, how to use low stress humane trapping methods for community cats, and how to evaluate community cats to determine if they are best suited for a relocation program. This course will help you determine the best low stress housing options for community cats in your program, and how to successfully find and talk to relocation adopters.

Learn More


Stress Reduction: Happy and Healthy Shelter Cats on a Fast Track to Adoption

Dr. Brenda GriffinMay 2016

Stress can trigger physical, emotional and behavioral problems for cats in animal shelters. What can be done to help overcome stress and its negative outcomes?
Learn More


Maddie Talks: Aha Moments - Inspirational Speakers Getting it Done

May 2016

Learn More


Turning Your 'Surrender-ers' into Foster Homes

Sharon Harvy and Ayse DunlapApril 2016

The purpose Foster to Surrender is to enlist community support and keep high-risk animals out of the shelter. See how you can do this in your community! Learn More


May the Force (and social media) be with your pet adoption promotions

February 25, 2016

Can Star Wars excitement get pets adopted? Yes; just ask Kylo Ren Cat. When the Monmouth County SPCA noticed one of its available cats resembled the actor who played villain Kylo Ren in the most recent Star Wars film, they quickly renamed him “Kylo Ren” and hit Instagram with his photo, asking, “Tell me this… Learn More


Community Pet Adoption Survey Results - Foster Caregiver Involvement in Adoption

February 2016

Generally speaking, the model for foster programs has been a period of temporary pet fostering, followed by return of the animal to the shelter for adoption. Although foster caregivers are in a unique position to give insights into pet health and pet behavior in a home environment, foster caregiver involvement in the adoption process has been a fairly new and fairly controversial subject. In this survey report, we examined how often caregivers choose to be involved, to what extent organizations actually allow involvement and more. Learn More


How Stress is Sabotaging Your Cat Adoption Efforts

Dr. Sheila D'ArpinoFebruary 2016

It's well known that cat health is quickly and negatively impacted by stress. But is it also making it harder for them to get adopted? Learn strategies to identify those effects not only in individual cats, but in the entire population of cats in a facility. Learn More


Pet adoption and the science of cat videos

January 21, 2016

Science has spoken: Watching cat videos is good for human health. It reduces stress, boosts energy, and makes us happier. So how can you turn all those positive benefits to getting cats adopted? In an Indiana University Media School press release for a recent study conducted by researcher Jessica Gall Myrick and published in Computers in… Learn More


How Stress is Sabotaging Your Dog Adoption Efforts

Dr. Sheila D'ArpinoJanuary 2016

Are dogs in shelters developing health and behavior problems because of stress? And does that make adoption more difficult and less likely for those pets? Learn to recognize the harmful effects of stress on sheltered dogs, and strategies to alleviate that stress in this free webcast. Learn More


Maddie's Treatable Assistance Program

December 2015

Maddie’s® Treatable Assistance Program was a pilot project in Alameda, Contra Costa and San Francisco Counties to support the adoptions of senior and/or medically treatable homeless dogs and cats originating from animal control shelters in those counties. Learn More


Shelters and rescue groups: Is it time to take the fear out of FeLV?

October 6, 2015

Animal organizations have done a pretty good job of destigmatizing FIV-positive cats, and adopters have begun welcoming them into their families in larger numbers than could have been imagined 20 years ago. But cats who test positive for feline leukemia (FeLV) don’t fare as well in the hands of adoption groups. Is it time to… Learn More


Changing how you post ‘urgent’ pets to Facebook gets more lives saved

September 8, 2015

Is your shelter or rescue group’s “urgent pets” page on Facebook doing more harm than good? That’s what Don Jennings wondered when he took over as Executive Director of San Antonio Pets Alive! (SAPA!), and saw the chaotic, often disruptive nature of the comments on the organization’s “SAPA Urgents and Adoptables” page. “SAPA! was formed… Learn More


Adopting a second cat can make your resident feline happier and healthier

September 1, 2015

September is Happy Healthy Cat Month, and the CATalyst Council wants you to consider heading to the shelter and adopting your solo feline a friend. From the campaign website: Think about getting another cat. Cats are social animals, so you might want to consider visiting the shelter and adopting a another cat. They love to… Learn More


Maddie's Pet Adoption Days 2014 Adopter Survey Results

May 2015

In December 2014, Maddie’s Fund conducted an online survey that asked adopters who participated in the 2014 Maddie’s® Pet Adoption Days Event about the pet they adopted, the organization they adopted from and their event experience. Maddie’s® Pet Adoption Days has supported the adoptions of more than 31,000 homeless dogs and cats since the program’s inception in 2010. Learn More


Removing Barriers to Adoption: How Evidence, Innovation and Compassion Grow Pet Adoptions

Cynthia D. Delany and Kelly LeeMay 2015

Because people in animal welfare often see terrible things befall pets, and because of genuine concern for the animals, we’ve sometimes gone overboard in terms of regulating, requiring, constraining, screening and even getting in the way of successful adoptions. Learn More


Capacity for Care: When Less Adds Up to a Whole Lot More for Shelter Cats

Ollie Davidson and Kathleen OlsonApril 2015

How can your shelter save more cats? Take in fewer of them at a time, give each cat more room and care for them better. Learn More


Achieving and Sustaining No-kill in a Medium-sized, Open Admission Shelter

Cheryl SchneiderFebruary 2015

Learn how Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter in Texas, an open admission shelter, started on their path to no-kill and how they continue to achieve a high save rate every month. Learn More


Beyond Labels: Advocating for all Dogs, with the Love-A-Bull Team - Part 1

Leala Ward-VinsonFebruary 2015

Take a look into the ways that advocacy on individual and community levels can have a positive impact on treating all dogs equally, eliminating breed-related stigmas, abolishing outdated policies and improving the chances for targeted breeds to find homes and their families access to resources. Learn More


Beyond Labels: Advocating for all Dogs, with the Love-A-Bull Team - Part 3

Lindsey OrtizFebruary 2015

Take a look into the ways that advocacy on individual and community levels can have a positive impact on treating all dogs equally, eliminating breed-related stigmas, abolishing outdated policies and improving the chances for targeted breeds to find homes and their families access to resources. Learn More


Foster Faster: Growing Your Dog Foster Program

Faith WrightFebruary 2015

Learn how to expand your foster program to save the even harder to place big dogs, often considered "the last 10%". Learn More


Rescuing Dogs from the Euthanasia List

Palmer NeuhausFebruary 2015

Fifty percent of the dogs in Austin, Texas were dying in 2008 when Austin Pets Alive! began saving lives. The rescue team had merely one- to two-hours to go through the euthanasia list, choose animals and save them before their time was up. Learn how the rescue team evaluated and chose dogs. Learn More


Getting Big Dogs Out of the Shelter via Canine Good Citizen Training

Marian Cannell and Amy LewisFebruary 2015

Through a partnership with Best Friends Animal Society, Austin Pets Alive! embarked on a six-month pilot program to test the effectiveness of Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Training on adoption rates.  The results have been very good and show a clear adoption rate difference between dogs who undergo training and those who don’t.  Learn More


Saving All the Little Dogs: Small Dog Behavior Issues

Faith Wright and Deaven WilsonFebruary 2015

Do you know how many small breed dogs are euthanized in your community shelter?  In Austin, Texas in 2008, it was many more than would have been expected (roughly 500).   Do you know that nearly ALL of them can be saved and although many are marked "aggressive”, they rarely are? Learn More


Saving Parvo Positive Pups

Katie Kresek and Alexis Bardzinksi, DVMFebruary 2015

Parvovirus is a major killer of dogs and puppies in shelters.  Austin Pets Alive! built the first parvo ward that actively takes parvo-positive dogs from the community and other shelters for treatment and then placement. Learn More


Effective Dog Marketing for Adoption

Elizabeth Doyle and Summer HugginsFebruary 2015

Marketing dogs, especially hard-to-place dogs, is an art form as well as a systematic process. Learn how to create a winning system utilizing a volunteer force, as well as how to write effectively about those dogs to get adoption applications coming in. Learn More


High Volume Dog Adoptions 1.0: Off Site and Start Up

Lexy BongeFebruary 2015

Discover everything there is to know about organizing an offsite adoption program including set-up, site preparation to prevent disease, handling the dogs with one person manning the site and breakdown - all in one day. Learn More


High Volume Dog Adoptions 2.0: Multiple Avenues with a Shelter as a Home Base

Lexy Bonge & Deaven WilsonFebruary 2015

As an organization grows, the complexity of operations grows too.  Adoptions are the #1 objective in a no-kill city and Austin Pets Alive! (APA) still saves the dogs most at risk for euthanasia. As more and more dogs are saved by the city shelter and the community, the pool of dogs still in need gets more and more narrow and eventually is mostly comprised of adult (or teenager) large breed dogs with generally poor manners and a lot of energy. Learn More


DIY: Building a Nice Cattery on a Shoestring

Bruce Walker, PhD and Bob BreezeFebruary 2015

Desperate for cat adoption facilities but not enough funds to get a building?  Build out "habitats” in your local pet store or vet clinic! Learn More


How to Start and Grow a Large Bottle Baby Program in Your Community, Part 1

Casandra MensingFebruary 2015

In this is a two-part presentation, you’ll learn how to start and build a bottle baby nursery, plus how to create a foster network for neonates. In Part 1, Casandra Mensing will share her experience running APA!’s Nursery, from its meager beginnings to the groundbreaking phenomenon that it is today. Learn More


How to Start and Grow a Large Bottle Baby Program Part 2

Rachel Sherinian February 2015

In this is a two-part presentation, you’ll learn how to start and build a bottle baby nursery, plus how to create a foster network for neonates. In Part 2, Rachel Sherinian will focus In finding, training, and retaining specialized foster families for kittens, whether you have a nursery or not.  Learn More


Taking Troubled Tabbies from Naughty to Nice

Sara Cookson and Kristin Hill February 2015

Every rescue encounters troubled cats with issues that go beyond tortitude. The Austin Pet’s Alive! Cat Behavior Team will teach you how to prevent behavior problems before they start. Learn More


Cat Marketing

Ashley FerryFebruary 2015

There is no more powerful way to get cats adopted than through good marketing.  Austin Pets Alive! Cat Marketing Team discusses how to save cats by increasing their chances of adoption.  Learn More


FeLV Without Fear

Steve Okino February 2015

Too often, routine euthanasia is the prescription for cats with the Feline Leukemia Virus. That’s changing. Learn More


Cat Adoptions 2.0 High Volume Cat Adoptions

Monica FrendenFebruary 2015

Too many cats, not enough adopters? Supersize your cat adoption program! In this Level 2 seminar, you'll learn how to manage a population of hundreds of cats in varying stages of your organization. Learn More


The Adoptline Team: Virtual Frontline of Austin Pets Alive

Patty Lepley Alexander and Gerri KapplerFebruary 2015

Austin Pets Alive!’s (APA) Adoptline Response Team provides email and phone mail responses to inquiries 365 days a year, 14 hours a day and has been critical in increasing APA's adoptions. Learn More


Introducing the Million Cat Challenge - Webcast

Julie Levy, DVM, PhD, DACVIM and Kate Hurley, DVM, MPVMJanuary 2015

Every cat counts. That's the premise of the Million Cat Challenge, a joint campaign of the UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program and the Maddie's® Shelter Medicine Program at the University of Florida. Learn More


The Evolution of Adoption Programs: Taking Breed Out of the Equation, Part 1

Julie Levy, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, Caitlin QuinnMay 2014

Shelter medicine teams have the opportunity to take the lead in utilizing innovative adoption policies to save more lives. Cutting-edge research reveals that we should focus our efforts on breed-neutral best practices with proven effectiveness to make policy and adoption decisions, rather than relying on breed. Learn More


The Evolution of Adoption Programs: Marketing to Save Lives, Part 2

Julie Levy, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, Caitlin QuinnMay 2014

Innovations in the way we consider marketing adoptions in shelters mean that everyone has the opportunity to put on their PR hat - including medical team members! Once breed-neutral policies are in place, learn how to implement strategies that decrease barriers to adoption and increase live outcomes. Learn More


Fears, Facts and Forever Homes: What We Know About Free Pet Adoptions

Susan B. Krebsbach, DVMJuly 2014

Would you love to give your pet adoption program a boost, but fear that free adoptions send the wrong message, attract the wrong people and result in bad outcomes for pets? Learn More


Social Media: 6 New Things Animal Organizations Need to Know

Christie Keith May 2014

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool for getting pets adopted, as well as for growing an adoption organization's pool of donors, volunteers and foster homes. But as social media has grown in power, it's also become more complex and specialized, with changes and new platforms emerging almost daily. Learn More


Maddie's Pet Adoption Days 2013 Adopter Survey Results

February 2014

Maddie's® Pet Adoption Days is the nation's biggest free pet adoption event. Its purpose is to increase awareness of shelter animals, shed light on the tireless efforts of shelters and rescue organizations and find new families for homeless dogs and cats. We surveyed adopters about the pet they adopted, the adoption agency and the 2013 MPAD event. Learn More


How to Sell Policymakers on Fee-Waived Adoption

Jeannette PetersMay 2013

It’s been proven that free pet adoptions save lives, but some communities prohibit the practice. Animal advocates in Alachua County, Florida persuaded their County Commissioners to change their restrictive policy with patience, personal relationships, research and statistics. Learn More


Slideshow: Happy Endings for Orphaned Kittens

April 2013

Nothing makes the sleepless nights and anxiety worth it to a kitten caregiver like seeing their little charges grow up and get adopted. Check out this slideshow documenting the steps from the earliest days to the happily-ever-afters! Learn More


Will People Adopt a Pet with Diarrhea? You Bet!

January 2013

Think adopters can't handle diarrhea? Think again. We reached out to pet owners who adopted dogs and cats suffering from loose stool and digestive problems, and found that it didn't scare them off. In most cases, the pets responded quickly to the same basic treatment outlined by the experts we spoke to in this issue. In a few instances, the course was a little tougher, but these adopters stuck to it. Check out this slideshow with these happy endings! Learn More


Adoptable Ideas Part 3: Pit Bull Terriers and Mixes

January 2013

Do your Pits need some pizzazz? Looking for ways to give your bully breed dogs an image makeover? Need some tips on creative and successful strategies for finding homes for your Pit bulls, Pit mixes, and Pit-appearing dogs? Take a look at these ideas and resources. Learn More


Breed Stereotype and Effects of Handler Appearance on Perceptions of Pit Bulls

Lisa GunterNovember 2012

Would posing an available pit bull in a picture with a child or elderly woman enhance the perception of the dog's friendliness and adoptability? You bet. Learn More


Free Pet Adoptions: Study Results

November 2012

The University of Florida surveyed 1,928 adopters from a fee-waived adoption event and concluded that successful adoptions do not require a fee; free adoption promotions can increase adoptions without compromising the quality of a pet’s life. Learn More


Adoptable Ideas Part 2: Breed Stereotypes and Pets with Special Needs

Lisa GunterNovember 2012

Learn More


Adoptable Ideas Part 1: Pets Who deserve a Second Look

September 2012

Wondering how to inspire people to take a second look at some of the pets who keep getting passed over? The Humane Society of Indianapolis shares a few promotions guaranteed to turn the spotlight on those harder-to-place pets. Learn More


Muttville Nation: A Community in Love with Senior Dogs

Sherri FranklinSeptember 2012

Older homeless pets - even those with age-related illnesses - do not have to be a big adoption challenge, says Muttville founder Sherri Franklin. Muttville has placed over 1,300 senior dogs since 2007. Learn More


Instructions and Prognostic Information for Adopters of Puppy Mill and Hoarding Animals

Franklin D. McMillan, DVM, DACVIMAugust 2012

Animals adopted out after rescue from puppy mill and hoarding environments present adopters with a wide array of challenges. Learn More


How to Get the Media to Take Your Animal Welfare Story Seriously: Tips from Christie Keith

Christie KeithAugust 2012

As a pet columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle/ and a blogger known to write about no-kill and shelter reform issues, Christie Keith says she received "what may amount at this point to two tons of communications from animal advocates wanting me to write about their cause.” Find out why most of these messages are doomed to fail, and how yours can succeed. Learn More


The Truth About Free Cat Adoptions

August 2012

Research has proven that worries about free cat adoptions are unfounded. Now fee-waived adoptions are catching on in animal shelters nationwide. Learn More


Getting to the Treatables

Barbara CarrMay 2012

There is nothing like actually doing something to convince you that it can be done! That's what Erie County, New York, found out when they set out to save all their community's treatable pets, and saved 65 percent of them in a single year. Cats with chronic urinary tract infections, pets with diabetes - and yes, a paraplegic pit bull. They did it, and so can you. Learn More


Successfully Marketing Treatable Dogs and Cats

Bonney BrownMay 2012

Nevada Humane Society Director, Bonney Brown, tells you about using everything but the kitchen sink to creatively market harder-to-place pets at the 2012 HSUS Animal Care EXPO. (On second thought, maybe she mentions the kitchen sink, too.) You'll have your local news media eating out of your hands - we guarantee it! Learn More


One Good Story Can Raise Funds to Save Lives

Bonney BrownMay 2012

Bonney Brown, Executive Director of the Nevada Humane Society, capitalizes on the stories of special needs animals to find the pets homes, underwrite their care, pay for the rehabilitation of nearly all the treatable dogs and cats in the shelter, and generate more awareness and financial support for the entire organization. Learn More


Pet Adoption Events at Shopping Centers: Everybody Wins

Carrie Williams, Director, Marketing and Business Development, Stoneridge Shopping CenterMay 2012

With an adoption event at a busy shopping center you could have thousands of potential adopters walk by your available pets in a single day. Find out who to contact, what to say, what you’ll need and when to make the approach. Learn More


The Shelter Pet Project's Greatest Hits

March 2012

Get some great tips and look at some hilarious examples of clever and effective pet adoption listings for websites or Facebook pages. Learn More


Using Data to Make Austin a No-Kill City

Ellen Jefferson, DVMMarch 2012

Today, Austin has a save rate of 91%. That wasn’t the case just four years ago when 44% of the animals coming into the Austin Animal Center were losing their lives. Dr. Ellen Jefferson recounts how she used the shelter’s data to figure out bottlenecks in the system and develop and fine-tune programs to fill in the gaps. Learn More


Feline URI in Your Shelter? Have a 'Cats With Colds' Clearance!

February 2012

A great idea became a winning marketing tool at the Dane County Humane Society - and found new homes for cats with colds. Learn More


Incorrect Breed Identification Costs Dogs Their Lives

February 2012

Can you be sure of the breed of dogs in your shelter? A recent study suggests that visual identification of breed is unreliable. Learn More


Seeing Dogs as Individuals Key to Matching

November 2011

An innovative program to evaluate and rehabilitate shelter dogs as individuals leads the way in helping dogs with all kinds of behavior challenges find lasting, loving homes. Learn More


Seniors and Shelters: Looking After Geriatric Pets in Shelters and Getting Them Adopted

Susan Krebsbach, DVMOctober 2011

Dr. Susan Krebsbach, veterinary specialist in behavior with over 20 years' experience working with animal shelters, talks at the Purdue/Maddie's Shelter Medicine Symposium 2011 about senior pets in animal shelters and how to get them adopted. Learn More


Our Hearts Are Ready: Are Our Shelters? Editorial

Rich AvanzinoOctober 2011

It's a deadly mistake for shelters to assume that animal lovers won't open their hearts and homes to the most challenging cases in their care. Learn More


Clever Examples to Better Market Your Adoptions

September 2011

Nothing boosts adoptions like great marketing. For some clever, out-of-the-box marketing ideas, take a look at these great resources. Learn More


Marvelously Mature

September 2011

Senior pets may have an advantage with some adopters. Maddie's Fund surveyed several successful senior pet adoption programs, and found out what it takes to tap into a senior-friendly adoption market. Learn More


Marketing Treatable Pets - Every Creature Has a Story

Bonney BrownMay 2011

Get the scoop on using everything but the kitchen sink to creatively market harder-to-place pets. (On second thought, maybe you'll be using the kitchen sink, too.) You'll have your local news media eating out of your hands – we guarantee it! Learn More


Saving Treatable Pets - From Skeptic to Believer

Barbara CarrMay 2011

There's nothing like actually doing something to convince you that it can be done! That's what Erie County, New York, found out when they set out to save all their community's treatable pets, and saved 65 percent of them in a single year. Cats with chronic urinary tract infections, pets with diabetes – and yes, a paraplegic pit bull. They did it, and so can you. Learn More


Bully for You!

May 2011

Special events are significantly increasing pit bull adoptions in Erie County, New York. Learn More


An Insider's Guide to Working with the Media, Part Three: Getting it Right

Christie KeithApril 2011

Nationally recognized pet journalist and blogger, Christie Keith, shows how to get your organization acknowledged by the media. Learn More


Humane Society Silicon Valley: Going the Extra Mile for Animals in Need

January 2011

Saving animals with treatable health and behavior conditions is the focus of this Northern California animal shelter. Learn More


A Place for Second Chances

November 2010

Discover how great customer service, marketing and out of the box ideas enable the Oregon Humane Society to adopt nearly 11,000 healthy and treatable dogs and cats each year. Learn More


Crisis PR for Animal Shelters

Mike SmithAugust 2010

It’s important to know how to react to a PR crisis. It’s even more important to anticipate and plan a media strategy before one occurs. Learn More


Optimizing Your Listing for The Shelter Pet Project

August 2010

Discover the simple tricks that will get your shelter pets noticed on Learn More


An Insider's Guide to Working with the Media, Part Two

Christie KeithJune 2010

Tips from pet columnist and blogger Christie Keith on pitching bloggers, podcasters and web-only publications. Learn More


Sherri Franklin: Fairy Godmother to Senior Dogs

June 2010

Sherri founded Muttville, an organization devoted to finding homes for senior canines, and in just three years, has placed nearly 700 dogs. Learn More


Increasing Pet Adoptions

Bonney BrownMay 2010

Perhaps no organization markets their pets better than the Nevada Humane Society. How? By setting goals and celebrating successes, by making it easy for people to fall in love with a shelter pet, and by getting the word out and the adopters in to the shelter. Don't miss the 32 adoption promotions highlighted in this presentation. Learn More


An Insider's Guide to Working with the Media, Part One

Christie KeithApril 2010

Pet columnist and blogger, Christie Keith, provides an overview of the basics - finding the right media people, building relationships with them, and writing ledes and press releases. Learn More


Solving the Pit Bull Problem

February 2010

Even though 70 to 80% percent of the dogs at Berkeley Animal Care Services in Berkeley, California are pit bulls or pit bull mixes, the dogs are getting adopted. Read how the City of Berkeley does it - and how your community can, too. Learn More


Working the System

January 2010

Moving pets quickly from municipal shelters to adoption partners and into new homes has helped increase lifesaving in New York City from 37% in 2003 to 74% in 2009. Learn More


Maddie's Marketing Competition

February 2009

Scroll through winning competition entries for dozens of marketing ideas for hard to place pets. Learn More


Finding Homes for Senior Pets


Shelters find that many adopters have a "soft spot" for graybeards. Learn More


Nonprofit Management Series

Jeanette Peters2007

Management Consultant Jeannette Peters has put together an eight-part primer on running your non-profit organization like a business. Learn More


Dog Transport Editorial

Rich Avanzino2006

When outside puppies and small dogs are imported, they'll get adopted while old and ugly local dogs languish in shelters and eventually get euthanized. Learn More


The Pros and Cons of Dog Transport


How good of an idea is it to ship animals from over-populated shelters to communities with dog and puppy shortages? Learn More


What is a Treatable Shelter Pet? Editorial

Richard Avanzino2005

The treatable designation need not require the shelters to provide the called-for treatment or rehabilitation. The idea is to put in writing what the shelters are aiming to achieve for the community's homeless pets. Learn More


Low-Cost Advertising

Janice Gibbons and Phyllis Hall, Spay/Neuter Action Project, Huntsville, Alabama2002

Getting the word out on a shoe-string budget. Learn More