Shelter medicine changes everything for influenza cats in New York City – and beyond

March 21, 2017

When hundreds of cats in the New York City Animal Care and Control shelters tested positive for avian influenza last year, everyone involved set their only goal — saving the cats’ lives. That was a goal they reached, thanks to shelter medicine and the power of collaboration. “The NYACC did not want to euthanize a… Learn More


The kitties went down to Georgia – and their lives were saved!

March 14, 2017

Madi R. Hawkins, Director of Habersham County Animal Care & Control in Georgia, loves cats. She especially loves being in charge of a shelter that’s committed to saving them — even though it hasn’t always been that way. “The polices in place when I first started, especially in regards to feral cats, were heartbreaking,” she… Learn More


Getting to No Kill: How Austin Did It

Dr. Ellen Jefferson and Ryan ClintonJanuary 2017

Hear the presenters review the decisions that were made, the communication used, the committees that were formed, the work that was divided up and the strategy that brought the City of Austin to no-kill. Learn More


Got community cats? Best Friends has a book for you – free!

October 18, 2016

Community cats: If you’ve got them, Best Friends wants to help. They’ve written a book covering everything from the ABCs to the rocket science of community cat management, and they’re giving it away as a free download! Topics covered include: The history of the TNR movement The importance of leadership Who in your community is… Learn More


Expert Coalition Building: Collaboration for Top Results, Part 1

Arlyn BradshawJuly 6, 2016

Learn how three leading agencies are breaking live release rate records - and how you can, too. Learn More


Expert Coalition Building: Collaboration for Top Results, Part 2

Kathleen TothJuly 2016

Hear about a vision of a common purpose that is quickly strengthening collaboration among diverse groups - and saving more lives than ever. Learn More


Expert Coalition Building: Collaboration for Top Results, Part 3

Tracy RoddomJuly 2016

Forming coalitions is no easy task, learn how three leading agencies are breaking live release rate records - and how you can, too. Learn More


Maddie Talks: Aha Moments - Inspirational Speakers Getting it Done

May 2016

Learn More


Getting the Most Out of Shelter Medicine

Dr. Cristie Kamiya and Carol NovelloDecember 2015

Shelter veterinarians are a powerful source of experience, knowledge, training and insight that can guide animal shelters to improvements in every area of animal care. This webcast will take a comprehensive look at the benefits of giving a veterinarian a policy-making role in shelter operations.
Learn More


Getting to No-Kill, Different Communities, Different Models NKLA: Los Angeles, California

Brenda Barnette, Francis Battista, Aimee Gilbreath, Marc PeraltaJuly 17, 2015

What is the "secret sauce” that created No-kill Los Angeles’ rapid success? Come learn how Best Friends’ NKLA initiative formed public/private partnerships, created a strong coalition, and broke through misconceptions to save many more lives in L.A. Learn More


Getting to No-Kill, Different Communities, Different Models - Austin, Texas

Dr. Ellen Jefferson and Tawney HammondJuly 17, 2015

As the largest no-kill city in the country, Austin Texas, knows how to turn things around. Find out how they did it! Learn More


How to Win Friends and Influence Lifesaving through Coalitions and Alliances

Barbara Brown, Francis Battista and Arlyn BradshawJuly 17, 2015

Learn how to leverage allied and rival organizations toward a common goal. You can accomplish great things with the strength of active, united coalitions, find out how in this presentation! Learn More


Alternatives to Intake: When the Shelter Isn’t the Answer

Wiley Stem, IIIApril 2015

What if your city wanted to stop euthanizing community cats in the shelter, and decided to try something bold? And what if all the animal control officers, rescue groups and community members came together to make it work? Learn More


Assessing Your Community to Save More Animals' Lives

Bonney BrownMarch 2015

Do you know what's needed to save the lives of more animals in your community? The answer to that question begins with understanding what already exists in terms of resources, as well as the major issues facing homeless pets in your area and the people who work to help them. Learn More


Rescuing Dogs from the Euthanasia List

Palmer NeuhausFebruary 2015

Fifty percent of the dogs in Austin, Texas were dying in 2008 when Austin Pets Alive! began saving lives. The rescue team had merely one- to two-hours to go through the euthanasia list, choose animals and save them before their time was up. Learn how the rescue team evaluated and chose dogs. Learn More


The Value of Teamwork: Shelter Managers, Staff and Volunteers

Michael and Pam Kitkoski February 2015

Volunteers are a necessity for rescue and shelter organizations working to achieve no-kill. Volunteers must be treated as partners, offering meaningful work and appropriate autonomy. But even in an atmosphere of mutual accountability, conflicts with both staff and volunteers can arise. Learn More


Everybody Wins: Learn How to Change the Way Animal Groups and Veterinarians Work Together

Christie KeithAugust 2014

Have the words "veterinarians are only in it for the money" crossed your mind or lips? If you volunteer or work for an animal rescue group, have you ever passed up pulling a treatable pet from a shelter because you weren't sure you could find affordable treatment? If you run a shelter, have you ever wondered why local veterinarians don't want to participate in your programs? Learn More


Shelters Embrace New Model for Saving Orphaned Kittens

April 2013

The Jacksonville Humane Society in Jacksonville, FL, and California's San Diego Humane Society and SPCA talk about the emerging model of operating kitten nurseries to provide round-the-clock care for kittens in a shelter environment. Learn More


Common Ground: Shared Goals, Respect for Differences Boost Lifesaving for Portland Area Pets

Britta BavarescoJanuary 2013

The ten-member Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland (ASAP) has been able to reduce euthanasia by 65% in 2006 and save every healthy shelter dog and cat in the Portland metro area, thanks to a shared commitment, trust, and lifesaving objective. Learn More


Community Cat Advocacy through a Lawmaker’s Eyes: Tips from Jennifer Fearing

Jennifer FearingAugust 2012

Maddie’s Institute spoke with Jennifer Fearing, California Senior State Director for the Humane Society of the United States, about how learning to see the community cat issue through a lawmaker’s eyes can lead to success. Learn More


Working the System

January 2010

Moving pets quickly from municipal shelters to adoption partners and into new homes has helped increase lifesaving in New York City from 37% in 2003 to 74% in 2009. Learn More


The Case for Collaboration Editorial

Richard Avanzino2006

Why Maddie's Fund thinks collaboration is the fastest and most effective way to build a no-kill community. Learn More


Working with Animal Welfare Organizations: A Veterinarian's Perspective

Barbara Monaghan, DVM2003

Working with animal welfare organizations can be trying for a veterinarian. Dr. Barbara Monaghan offers advice on how to change the dynamic. Learn More


Working with Private Practice Veterinarians: A Shelter Worker's Perspective

Lynne Fridley2003

Here are five great ideas animal welfare organizations can employ to get the help they need from private practice veterinarians. Learn More


Building a Successful Coalition

Gregory Castle, No More Homeless Pets in Utah2001

Gregory Castle of Best Friends Animal Society pulled together a statewide coalition of animal welfare organizations in 2000. Here are his 12 cardinal rules of collaboration. Learn More