Ready, Steady, Go: Managing Change for Increased Success

Holly SizemoreJuly 17, 2015

Evolve and grow - that's the blueprint for a vibrant organization, but many of us resist change, especially when we can't see the need for it. How can we change and continue to move the ball forward? Learn More


Learning to Lead: What Great Leaders Know and Do

Gregory CastleJuly 17, 2015

It takes leadership to save animals. There are many different ways to lead, and many different ways to make decisions. Find out how to maximize your leadership skills to affect the most change.
Learn More


Strong on Top: Building and Engaging a Board of Directors

Sandy ReesJuly 17, 2015

You can unleash the best board of directors ever. Discover the traits of your ideal board members, learn to recruit the talented folks you most want, and plan ways to keep them meaningfully engaged. Learn More


Fundraising 2.0: From Grass Roots to a Multi-Million Dollar Organization

Diane BlankenburgFebruary 2015

Austin Pets Alive! (APA!) started off as a very grassroots organization, raising every dollar through word of mouth.  Five years later, APA! has grown and the needs of fundraising have, too.  This presentation addresses how to plan for bigger funds. Learn More


Nonprofit Management Series

Jeanette Peters2007

Management Consultant Jeannette Peters has put together an eight-part primer on running your non-profit organization like a business. Learn More


Spring Cleaning for Your Organization

Jeanette Peters2007

Jeanette suggests that Spring is an excellent time to do an assessment of the administrative details of your nonprofit organization and clean up any loose ends that may have escaped attention. Learn More