January 2018 by J. Scarlett Kingsley

Audience: Executive Leadership, Shelter/Rescue Staff & Volunteers

Video Length: 33 minutes

This workshop is geared towards already established shelter foster programs looking to take their lifesaving to the next level. Learn about the importance of data management; how to establish clear pathways and procedures for moving fosters in and out of the shelter; how to recruit on the cheap, using both internal sources within your organization and external sources, and how to retain foster homes. There will be a discussion of the realities and challenges one can expect in running a foster program. Programming resources such as templates and guides will be provided to participants for future use. This presentation was recorded at the 2017 ASPCA-Cornell Maddie's Shelter Medicine Conference.

About J. Scarlett Kingsley

J. Scarlett Kingsley worked with the Nevada Humane Society in Reno, Nevada, as a foster caregiver and medical foster team lead for nine years before leaving to pursue graduate education at the University of California, Davis. At UC Davis, she is part of the Community and Regional Development graduate group working on issues of urban animal management. Animal shelters play a large part in her work and research. In 2016, she joined Maddie's Fund to create the first certification program for foster care practitioners with the hope of improving their role and the position of fostering in lifesaving efforts.