Animal Grantmakers

Total Grant Funding: $110,000 since 2015

Maddie's Fund® has provided $110,000 in funding to Animal Grantmakers since 2015. Most of this funding has supported their contract employee, annual conference and member services.

Animal Grantmakers is an affinity group of foundations and organizations making grants to benefit animals. This diverse group of philanthropists works locally, regionally, nationally and internationally on issues involving companion animals, captive and free-ranging wildlife, farmed animals and animals used in research, among others. Animal Grantmakers envisions a safer and kinder world for animals—and a better and more sustainable future for everyone. Maddie's Fund has been a member of this organization since it began.

In 2021 Animal Grantmakers created a database and mapping tool for animal welfare funding. It was developed to help increase the impact and reach of animal protection philanthropy through interactive grant maps and field-specific language that captures the full spectrum of animal protection efforts.

Their strategic plan for 2022 to 2026 focuses on strengthening member services, fostering diversity, equity and inclusion and elevating the human-animal connection.