Better Together Animal Alliance

Total Grant Funding: $80,000 since 2018

In May 2018, Maddie’s Fund® gave Better Together Animal Alliance (formerly Panhandle Animal Shelter) a $50,000 Maddie’s Idea Lab Research Grant to expand the usage of their Home to Home web-based program to help organizations provide positive alternatives to shelter surrender. The program was implemented at 40 shelters across the United States. The percentage of animals surrendered to the shelters, after they were posted on Home to Home, steadily declined over three years, with the average rate of reduction of 26% for owner surrender, and 100% of respondents from participating organizations stated Home to Home helped them be more engaged with their community.

In September 2020, an additional $30,000 was approved to support Better Together Animal Alliance's implementation of the Home to Home program at 38 additional shelters, with Human Animal Support Services (HASS) shelters being a priority. As of May 2021, 27 shelters have been on-boarded at no cost to the shelter and of these, 12 of which are HASS pilot shelters. During 2020, network partners experienced a 65% decrease in owner surrenders. While this is partly due to the shelters' decisions to manage and limit intake due to COVID-19, shelters who’ve joined Home to Home have improved their intake systems and adopted new protocols to better support their community.