March 2018 by PASPCA

Audience: Public, Shelter/Rescue Staff & Volunteers, Veterinary Team

Video Length: 6:20

Canine Parvovirus and Community Outreach

Canine parvovirus is life threatening, highly contagious and takes a lot of care. ICU-level treatment can be out of reach for financially-challenged dog owners. With a grant from Maddie's Fund®, Pennsylvania SPCA (PASPCA) worked with low-income community dog owners to show them how to medically care for their parvo-afflicted dogs at home, while providing support and office visits at their outpatient care center.

The results saved lives and money - and made for a strong bond between PASPCA and their community. Here to tell the story are PASPCA staffers Kathryn Gay, VMD and Mandy Hood, Outreach and Humane Education Manager. For information about prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of canine parvovirus, visit our webpages at