Canine Parvovirus

Canine Parvovirus (CPV) Learning Track

Want to learn more about prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of canine parvovirus in shelters and foster homes? Want to share training information with your staff or volunteers? Well, you're in the right place. Check out the following content brought to you by Maddie's Fund®. Many of the following presentations and have corresponding quizzes offering a printable Certificate of Attendance for completion!

Treating and Preventing Parvo

Sandra Newbury, DVM

July 2014

Audience(s):Veterinary Team
Few diseases strike as much fear in the heart of animal shelter personnel as canine parvovirus (CPV). Outbreaks can cause widespread death and suffering, and erode community goodwill the shelter depends on when seeking volunteers, adopters and donors. Learn More

An Insider's View of Canine Parvovirus in Shelter Dogs

Ronald Schultz, MS, PhD, ACVM

December 2013

Audience(s):Veterinary Team
Few people have as intimate a knowledge of canine parvovirus as Dr. Ronald D. Schultz, Chair of the Department of Pathobiological Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, head of the Maddie's Laboratory, and one of the country's leading veterinary vaccine researchers. In this series of videos, he takes viewers inside the fight to identify CPV in the 70s, the struggle to combat outbreaks of infectious disease in shelters, and the rise of new preventive and diagnostic tools for parvo. Learn More

A Shelter Based Approach to CPV Treatment

Brian A. DiGangi, DVM, MS, DABVP (Canine/Feline)

December 2013

Audience(s):Veterinary Team
There have been many advances in treatment options since the emergence of canine parvovirus (CPV) in the 1970s, and many sheltering organizations have started to embrace various CPV treatment options in their efforts to save more lives. Brian A. DiGangi, DVM, MS, DABVP, guides you through treatment for shelter dogs with CPV, including how to make use of limited resources without compromising patient welfare and a simple algorithm to help shelters make the best treatment decisions. Learn More

Vet to Vet Evidence Based Parvovirus Treatment

Staci Cannon, DVM

October 2013

Audience(s):Veterinary Team
Recent findings from a study of outpatient protocols in the treatment of canine parvovirus gastroenteritis. Learn More

Treating Canine Parvovirus

Ellen Jefferson, DVM

August 2012

Audience(s):Veterinary Team
As part of their overall effort to save all the injured and ill animals at the city shelter, Austin Pets Alive (APA) developed a program for parvovirus treatment and a protocol for distemper treatment. Learn More

Parvovirus an Integrated Communication Strategy

Lesli Groshong, DVM

August 2012

Audience(s):Veterinary Team
When approached from a team perspective, an outbreak of parvovirus does not need to be a crisis in your shelter. Learn More

Panleukopenia and Parvovirus

Elizabeth Berliner, DVM, MA

July 2012

Audience(s):Veterinary Team
Dr. Berliner shares relevant updates on panleukopenia and parvovirus, a description of diagnostic tests that are available, and recommendations regarding management of such diseases in the shelter environment. Learn More

Crisis Care Management - 43 Puppies with Parvo Saved!

Barbara Hanek, DVM

May 2012

Audience(s):Executive Leadership, Foster Caregivers, Public, Shelter/Rescue Staff & Volunteers, Veterinary Team
Dealing with Parvo, a deadly and highly contagious virus, is scary – especially in an animal shelter with the continual influx of vulnerable animals. Watch this clip taken from Dr. Hanek’s presentation at HSUS’ EXPO 2012 and hear how PAWS Chicago managed a crisis of 43 puppies with parvovirus – at the same time! Learn More