August 2019

Audience: Foster Caregivers, Public, Shelter/Rescue Staff & Volunteers

Cats communicate through natural messages released in the air called pheromones. These feline odorless messages are chemicals produced by the body and received through the nose. They are only perceived by other cats and not by people, dogs or animals of other species. Cats use pheromones to communicate various states including contentment, fear or aggression. They also use pheromones for social bonding and to mark territory. Pheromones for cats are commercially available and can have many positive behavioral and physiological effects.

For example:

  • Feliway® Spray has shown to be highly effective in reducing stress and anxiety-related behaviors in cats during car travel and vet visits.
  • Feliway® may help cats feel more at ease in caged environments. Studies have shown cats have increased interest in grooming and food while they are hospitalized. Feliway® can also be used at home to increase comfort.
  • FeliScratch® has shown to reduce scratching in inappropriate locations and increase scratching behavior in appropriate locations.
  • Feliway®/Feliway®Multicat/FeliScratch® are the only commercially available feline pheromones that are scientifically tested. They are available via multiple delivery methods: Feliway® classic plug in and spray; Feliway® multi plug in; FeliScratch® drops for targeted scratching areas

Feliway® products are available through your veterinarian and from reputable pet supply stores.