Cornell Conference 2014

Maddie's® Shelter Medicine Program at Cornell University co-hosted this conference to provide a high quality educational experience for shelter professionals as well as those who consult with animal shelters. The primary objective of the conference was to provide information that will enhance the quality of life for shelter animals and animals within the community who are in need of assistance. This was the 11th year that this conference has been held and presentations were made by speakers who are highly regarded in their respective fields.

Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease

July 2014

Infectious respiratory disease can be a significant challenge affecting the health of dogs in a shelter setting. This presentation provides an overview of the disease complex, discusses causative agents and diagnosis and treatment. Management and preventive strategies are emphasized. Learn More

Cytology in Clinical Practice

July 2014

This presentation consists of a review of sample collection, smear preparation and staining of cytology samples. The lecture will conclude with instructions on general slide evaluation for common lesions diagnosed on cytology and clinical cases to practice your skills. Learn More

Feline Infectious Peritonitis

July 2014

FIP is a progressive, fatal disease that may develop in cats following infection with a coronavirus. This session will provide an overview of FIP, covering disease transmission, clinical signs and diagnosis, as well as providing an update on new research that may lead to improved diagnostic testing and treatment. Management and prevention of infection in shelter environments is emphasized. Learn More

Recognizing and Treating Dental Conditions

July 2014

Dr. Peralta reviews the pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of the most common dental diseases of dogs and cats and possible ways to implement adequate dental standards at shelters. Learn More

Update on Chronic Stomatitis

July 2014

This presentation will review the current knowledge regarding the pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of chronic stomatitis in cats. Possible recommendations on how to manage chronic stomatitis at a shelter will be discussed. Learn More