February 2016

Audience: Executive Leadership, Shelter/Rescue Staff & Volunteers

At Maddie’s Fund, we believe that tracking numbers is the key to success and lifesaving. To that end, we collect data from many of our grantees. In Fall 2015, we conducted a short online survey of our grantees with the aim of better understanding what data they currently collect, the effort involved in that collection and what additional data they may be interested in tracking in the future.

For instance, is the Annual Animal Statistics Table helpful? Have you heard of Shelter Animals Count? Would you be interested in using the Basic Data Matrix? Find out what your colleagues think!

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"By publishing good statistics, [leaders of our movement] will spur lifesaving efforts nationwide, as shelters across the country strive to reach the bar they have established.”

–Rich Avanzino
Past President, Maddie’s Fund

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