February 2015 by Lindsay O'Gan


Video Length: 45 minutes

Believe it or not, data is the cornerstone of a healthy organization. Learn how Austin Pets Alive! keeps so many moving pieces in communication through end-of -day reporting, overnight data entry and checks and balances. See the kind of information you can generate and use to guide and improve your organization if you collect data properly. This program was part of the American Pets Alive! 2015 No-Kill Conference.

About Lindsay O'Gan

Lindsay O'Gan started her career as a veterinary technician 11 years ago and moved into the non-profit sector in 2005. She helped start APA's veterinary clinic in 2008 and worked as the clinic manager there until she followed her passion for cats to become the cat foster and rescue manager in 2010. While she ran the cat foster program, she facilitated the rescue of almost 100% of cats scheduled for euthanasia - including cats with serious illness such as diabetes and kidney failure; behavior issues such as inappropriate elimination; geriatric felines; leukemia-positive kitties and more. Lindsay has since moved to working with San Antonio Pets Alive where she helps advise various different cat programs, including the neonatal nursery and onsite adoption centers.