Education Grants

We look to the immense abilities, knowledge and enthusiasm of people and organizations to help us recruit more supporters and innovators in this new no-kill era of animal welfare.

We stand alongside fellow and future leaders to cultivate their potential and amplify their efforts.

Join us and take advantage of our current education grant opportunities. More information, including grant cycles and how to apply, can be found at the links below.

Maddie Talks:

Maddie Talks are meant to provide inspiration to animal welfare in the form of short, motivational "Ted-like Talk" videos that will equip our industry with information and knowledge to further lifesaving. We want to hear about your innovative ideas and practices for getting it done! Learn more.

Maddie's® Apprenticeship Program:

Maddie’s® Apprenticeship Program is a new and exciting opportunity for shelters and rescue organizations to share ideas and strategies to improve lifesaving. Through a blended learning experience, either direct hands-on and/or online, organizations looking to improve their practices will benefit from the wisdom shared by well established innovative programs that have proven to save lives. Check out our Apprenticeship Opportunities.

Maddie's® Executive Leadership Fellowship:

Future shelter leaders receive one-on-one training through a year-long Deputy Executive Director field placement and leadership training program to increase the number of no-kill leaders working in the industry. Learn More.

Maddie's® Shelter Management Scholarships

Maddie's® Leadership Program is offering full scholarships to the University of the Pacific Online Animal Shelter Management Certificate Program, a program developed and managed by Humane Network. This program provides knowledge you will need to advance your career in animal sheltering or assume a shelter management role with a focus on maximizing the shelter's lifesaving potential through leadership, program management, community engagement and shelter/clinic operations. Learn more.

Maddie's® Shelter Management and Shelter Medicine Externships

Maddie’s Fund® is offering shelter management externships and shelter medicine externships. The shelter medicine management externship is designed to let shelters share their model programs related to shelter medicine, particularly the care, treatment and well-being of the animals residing in the shelter. The shelter management externship designed to provide an opportunity for students to apply their learning in real shelter settings and learn from leaders who have successfully produced lifesaving results. Learn more.

Maddie's® Shelter Medicine Internships

Maddie’s Fund® is offering up to $50,000 per year to U.S. based Veterinary Colleges/Schools to train an intern in shelter medicine, in conjunction with a 501c3 non-profit or government animal shelter. Learn more.

Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Grants:

Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Internships and Externships are currently in development for college students and industry workers to get exposure to no-kill shelter practices. Internships will be 6 to 12 week-long experiences at partnering shelters. Externships will be 2 to 3 week-long experiences at partnering shelters. (Coming soon)

Maddie’s® Comprehensive Shelter Medicine Programs:

Maddie's Fund supports Colleges of Veterinary Medicine to develop shelter medicine programs that train veterinarians for work in animal shelters. Through curricula, hands-on shelter experience and shelter related research, shelter medicine programs introduce veterinary students to this emerging discipline of veterinary medicine and create a well-informed pool of shelter medicine specialists for the future. We are no longer accepting applications for this grant opportunity. See recipient list.