August 2014 by Christie Keith

Audience: Executive Leadership, Foster Caregivers, Public, Shelter/Rescue Staff & Volunteers, Veterinary Team

Video Length: 68 minutes

Have the words "veterinarians are only in it for the money" crossed your mind or lips? If you volunteer or work for an animal rescue group, have you ever passed up pulling a treatable pet from a shelter because you weren't sure you could find affordable treatment? If you run a shelter, have you ever wondered why local veterinarians don't want to participate in your programs?

While there are veterinarians and adoption groups working together in communities all over the country, there is still a state of mistrust and miscommunication between the two parties in many other areas as well.

For example, shelters and rescue groups frequently design programs they think local veterinarians should support, only to find the opposite happening. At the same time, many veterinarians feel shelters and rescue groups place unrealistic demands on their time and pocketbooks, and don't understand how veterinary practices actually work.

The good news is it's possible to build productive relationships between rescue groups, shelters and private practice veterinarians. However, it can't be done if those wanting help for their pets don't change how they communicate with veterinary professionals.

Please join Maddie's Fund® and communications consultant Christie Keith as she presents Everybody Wins: Learn How to Change the Way Animal Groups and Veterinarians Work Together.

In this presentation, attendees will learn:

  • What not to say to a veterinarian if you want their help
  • Why your veterinarian is probably already helping homeless and at-risk pets but isn't telling anyone
  • How to approach a veterinary practice with a relationship proposal they'll actually consider
  • 3 free, simple things you can do to help your group's veterinarian today
  • And more!

Everybody Wins: Learn How to Change the Way Animal Groups and Veterinarians Work Together is part of an ongoing series of educational programs from Maddie's Institute, the academic division of Maddie's Fund®, providing the most innovative animal welfare information to shelter staff, veterinarians, rescue groups and community members to increase the lifesaving of homeless dogs and cats community-wide.

This course has been pre-approved for Certified Animal Welfare Administrator continuing education credits.

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Christie Keith

Christie Keith consults on social media and communications for a number of veterinarians and animal welfare organizations, including The Shelter Pet Project, Maddie's Fund, and Dr. Marty Becker, the veterinarian on "The Dr. Oz Show" and "Good Morning America." As a writer and editor, her work has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle/, Bark Magazine, and the nationally-syndicated newspaper feature "Pet Connection." She is the past director of The Pet Care Forum on America Online as well as of the Veterinary Information Network's pet owner website, and was founding editor of