Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Externships

Does your shelter have a full-time veterinarian on staff who is responsible for the care of your animals? To help animals in our shelters, and to expose veterinary students to shelter medicine we are seeking animal shelters that would like to share their model programs related to shelter medicine, particularly the care, treatment and well-being of the animals residing in the shelter.

Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Externship is now available to shelters that have a live release rate of 90% or better. This Externship training would be offered to current 3rd and 4th year veterinary students.

Shelters may apply for up to $8,000 to host four Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Externships. This funding includes $1,500 stipends for each extern to cover their travel expenses and $500 per student to the host shelter.

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Maddie’s® Shelter Management Externships

Maddie’s Fund® is offering shelter management externships to University of the Pacific Animal Shelter Management Certificate Program graduates and current students who have completed at least three of the five program courses. They are designed to provide an opportunity for students to apply their learning in real shelter settings and learn from leaders who have successfully produced lifesaving results.

Stipends to help cover travel costs will be available for participants who are working with shelters that are not in their local area. The Humane Network program coordinator can recommend shelters or an applicant can nominate a local shelter but its participation is contingent upon approval to ensure that the learning experience meets the criteria of the program.

The Maddie’s® Shelter Management Externship is a two to three week experience at a partnering shelter where the participant will:

  • Create a learning plan using template provided
  • Work with / shadow shelter staff in their routine activities
  • Journal daily activities and lessons learned
  • Complete a mini-capstone project


In order to be eligible to apply for an externship, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a graduate of the UOP Animal Shelter Management Certificate Program or have successfully completed at least three of the five program courses by start of the externship
  • Be committed to animal sheltering/welfare as a career or seeking a career in the field
  • Be able to make full-time commitment to assigned shelter for designated period of time

Upon acceptance, each applicant will sign a contract agreeing to the terms and conditions of the program.

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