An unprecedented number of people have opened their homes to a foster pet, and we’ve created a series of short huddle-type presentations to support them. These presentations are geared to help foster coordinators and managers with training for foster caregivers. They’re hosted by our own Dr. Sheila Segurson, Director of Research, Veterinary Behaviorist, and Kelly Duer, Foster Care Specialist.

Feel free to embed these webcasts in your foster training materials and share them with your foster caregivers!

  • Separation Anxiety with Malena DeMartini-Price
    Length 46:25

    Watch the Video

  • Marketing Tips for Foster Caregivers with Caitlin Quinn
    Length 43:44

    Watch the Video

  • 3 Anti-Marketing Tips for Foster Caregivers with Finnegan Dowling
    Length 40:14

    Watch the Video

Foster coordinators, check out these helpful tools to use in your meetings:

  • Foster Care Flash Classes
    Just like the name implies, these short, instructional classes cover individual topics that foster care givers encounter while caring for our beloved furry friends. Flash Classes give you all the information you need to provide the best care for your foster pet in a condensed, to-the-point format.

  • Marketing Your Foster Pet: Interactive tutorial on Maddie’s® University
    Perfect for first-time fosters or seasoned caregivers looking to improve their skills. Authored by Caitlin Quinn, Director of Operations at HeARTs Speak and Kelly Duer, Foster Care Specialist at Maddie’s Fund®, they’ll explain the differences between marketing and adoption counseling, help you to make those emotional connections just through a simple video and provide helpful tips on writing pet bios.