April 2017 by Jenn Strickler

Audience: Executive Leadership, Foster Caregivers, Shelter/Rescue Staff & Volunteers

Video Length: 9 minutes

How can shelters or rescue groups assist their foster caregivers and expand the number of foster families? Watch this Maddie Talk from Pibbles and More Animal Rescue about a peer support program that helps foster families aid and train each other. An added benefit? The program helps recruit new members and prevent volunteer dropout. See how a peer support program in your organization can promote community, build caregiver skills, and ultimately save more lives!

About Jenn Strickler

Jenn Strickler teaches sociology at the University of Vermont but her first love is helping foster homeless pets. She has been involved with Pibbles & More Animal Rescue (PMAR)for five years where she's worn many hats from adoption coordinator to grant writer to transport coordinator to vice-president.Currently, Jenn is the Vermont coordinator for PMAR and works with many wonderful and committed foster families. She has fostered over 250 dogs and cats and adopted Ila, a shepherd mix, and Sky, a pitbull. For Jenn, the best part of rescuing is seeing abandoned animals begin to feel safe and blossom into loyal, loving companions.