January 2018 by Myles Chadwick

Audience: Shelter/Rescue Staff & Volunteers

Video Length: 47 minutes

Peter Drucker first said "Culture eats strategy for lunch" and since then, organizational culture has become a buzzword and a way of life for organizational development consultants. In this workshop, learn what culture is, why it matters, and how you can create and preserve a great organizational culture through hiring the right people. This workshop is based on a transformation that our organization, Emancipet, went through, resulting in lower turnover, increased employee engagement, and improved culture overall. We'll specifically discuss hiring in the animal welfare environment, including a special section on hiring veterinarians for cultural fit. This presentation was recorded at the 2017 ASPCA-Cornell Maddie's Shelter Medicine Conference.

About Myles Chadwick

Myles Chadwick joined Emancipet as the Director of Clinic Operations and Training in January of 2013. Emancipet's commitment to creating social change, and its high standard of care, drove his decision to join this amazing team of animal advocates. Chadwick assists Emancipet clinics in meeting stringent quality standards, advancing the mission, and upholding the core values of the organization. As Vice President of Emancipet New School, he oversees and delivers leadership and program development training to animal welfare professionals interested in increasing their own impact and creating social change within their communities. Prior to working with Emancipet, Chadwick spent four years with the ASPCA as Operations Manager for the National Spay/Neuter Project, and Client Services Manager at Berg Memorial Animal Hospital. Before joining the animal welfare movement in 2007, Chadwick spent 15 years working in restaurants and still enjoys whipping u[ vegan treats at the end of most days.