Parapalegic Pit Bulls, Catzillas, and the Ones Who Won't Use the Litterbox: Getting to No-Kill by Saving Treatable Dogs and Cats

Some of the nation's top shelter directors and veterinarians have proven you can save sick and injured shelter pets. We recorded their words of wisdom describing how they did it. Get tips on working with local media, bloggers, and social media to get homes for pets you never thought you could; discover the secrets of how to provide medical and behavioral care even during a recession; and learn the secret marketing tips of the country's most successful shelters and rescue groups.

Saving Lives with Behavior Modification

May 2012

Think you can't afford to treat the behavior problems of dogs in your shelter? Think it's too difficult and time-consuming? Think you don't have the staff or the space to work with these kinds of issues? Sheila Segurson d'Arpino, DVM, DACVB, Senior Applied Animal Behaviorist for the Center for Shelter Dogs in Boston, walks you through easy, cost-effective methods that have saved thousands of animal lives.

Successfully Marketing Treatables

May 2012

Nevada Humane Society Director, Bonney Brown, tells you about using everything but the kitchen sink to creatively market harder-to-place pets at the 2012 HSUS Animal Care EXPO. (On second thought, maybe she mentions the kitchen sink, too.) You'll have your local news media eating out of your hands - we guarantee it!

Three Paws Down and They Are Out the Door

May 2012

It's great to talk about treating the treatables, but where do you start? What does it mean on a day to day, or even hour to hour, basis? Find out how Dr. Barbara Hanek, Director of Shelter Medicine for PAWS Chicago, has used common sense, dedication, and team work to get some of the community's sickest, most vulnerable pets healthy and into loving homes.