August 2017 by Dogs Out Loud

Audience: Executive Leadership, Foster Caregivers, Shelter/Rescue Staff & Volunteers

Video Length: 13 minutes

Having a shy foster dog doesn't mean you can't have people over to your house. In fact, having people visit your house in a controlled setting can actually help your shy foster dog. The goal is to make the experience for both your guest and your shy foster dog as pleasant as possible. The better the experience for your shy foster dog the more comfortable they will be the next time it happens. In this short video you will learn some helpful tools and techniques to make your shy foster dogs interactions with new people a good experience instead of something to fear.

About Dogs Out Loud

Dogs Out Loud, located in Austin, Texas, provides training and education programs for dogs, handlers and adopters that aim to increase the dogs' adoptability, enhance the dog-human relationship, and improve the reputation of medium to large breed shelter dogs. Their vision is to demonstrate that behavior rehabilitation programs are a safe, effective and reasonable means to saving dogs dying or deteriorating at shelters for resource-intensive behavior problems. To learn more about Dogs Out Loud, visit their website here.