July 17, 2015 by Gregory Castle

Audience: Executive Leadership

Video Length: 85 minutes

Leadership: Are you born with it or is it something you learn? It takes leadership to save animals. There are many different ways to lead, and many different ways to make decisions. In this session, you'll explore what leadership style will be most effective in helping your organization fulfill its vision. Find out how to make bold moves and inspire your people to get behind them. Learn how focus and conviction bring your hopes to fruition, how to overcome negativity, and how to set goals and measure results in order to maximize your lifesaving. This is a presentation from the 2015 Best Friends National Conference.

About Gregory Castle

One of the founders of Best Friends Animal Society, Gregory Castle now serves as the CEO of Best Friends. Gregory created No More Homeless Pets in Utah. No More Homeless Pets is a campaign involving animal welfare and rescue organizations, animal control officers, veterinarians, schools, and animal lovers from across the state in aggressive spay/neuter, adoption, and public awareness programs. Gregory also initiated Utah's Week for the Animals, now in its 15th year. The week includes educational and public awareness programs, special discount spay/neuter services, pet adoption fairs, and public service awards. Supported by the governor of the state, Utah's Week for the Animals has become a model for cooperative efforts in the humane community throughout the country. Gregory grew up in England and is a graduate of Cambridge University with a master's degree in philosophy and psychology. His background includes extensive administrative and accounting work for nonprofit human services and church organizations.