May 2016

Audience: Executive Leadership, Shelter/Rescue Staff & Volunteers

Video Length: 5 minutes

Getting it Done

Want to find out how to spark, recognize, act on and sustain Aha! Moments? Join a series of interactive presentations with the country's most successful shelter directors - you'll find inspiration, takeaways, and practical tips in equal measure. This kicks off the launch of a whole year of Getting it Done with Maddie's Fund.

Getting It Started: Get Your Aha! On

In this wild and wacky world of animal welfare, your response to an Aha! moment can give you a big boost toward reaching success and saving more lives. Learn to identify your Aha! moments and put them into practice to achieve your goals. A simple idea could be all you need to crack through to more success than you ever imagined.

Keeping It Going: From Aha! to Action

Do you believe in signs? How do you recognize them and then gather support to put your Aha! moment into action? Communication is key. Engage community members through clever, innovative and inspiring methods to connect them to your vision. By discovering how to recognize and utilize your assets, you'll find everything you need is already within reach.

Getting It Done: From Aha! to Oh Yeah!

Thursday, May 12: 3:30pm - 5pm
Yes, your Aha! moment can last and your community can sustain a new normal for animal lifesaving! Uniting, growing and continuing to innovate will reward you, the animals and your community in ways you may not even imagine today. You'll leave this session empowered to get it done!

#It's a New Era in Our Profession
Hear Scott Trebatoski, Director, Pet Resource Center talking about breaking away from the past and moving into the future of sheltering, and assisting our community pet owners and their pets.

Video length: 9 minutes

#Adoptions: If You Don't Move Them Out, You Can't Save Another
Hear Sherri Franklin, Executive Director/Founder, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue on how to make adoptions easy. Think outside of your own comfort level. Take a hard look at your goals to see if your processes, rules and structure align. Challenge yourself to think outside your own box.

Video length: 9 minutes

#Lean in for Change! Removing Barriers to Increase Adoptions
Simple Ideas Lead to Lifesaving - here are ideas from Heather Cammisa, President & CEO, St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center

Video length: 9 minutes

#Do You Believe in Signs? Learn to Recognize Them and Gather Support
Put your Aha! moment into action, and communication is key. Joe Elmore, CEO Charleston Animal Society talks about engaging community members through clever, innovative and inspiring methods to connect them to your vision.

Video length: 12 minutes

#Take a Leap of Faith and Believe There's a Lid for Every Pot
Keeping It Going: From Aha! To Action - Hard To Place Animals with Carol Novello, President, Humane Society Silicon Valley. By embracing the imperfect, you can find loving homes for all your hard to place shelter pets - and enjoy the process!

Video length: 11 minutes

#A Declaration of Independence from Antiquated Adoption Policies
We Hold these truths to be self-evident: By Sharon Harman, Executive Director, Oregon Humane Society

Video length: 10 minutes

#Gotta Keep Innovating!
When all the dogs are saved in your community, how do you get the adult large breed dogs out of your shelter? Dr. Ellen Jefferson, Executive Director of Austin Pets Alive! talks about how Austin does it.

Video length: 10 minutes

#Transparency Builds Trust
In order to be successful at animal lifesaving, you will need community support. And before the community supports you, you will need their trust. Listen to Brent Toellner from the successful Kansas City Pet Project.

Video Length: 6 minutes

#Coalition-Building to Save Lives
Known as the king of collaboration, Gary Weitzman, DVM, MPH, CAWA, President and CEO, San Diego Humane Society, is committed to collaboration and finding solutions to do more for animals and their people.

Video length: 17 minutes