Maddie's® Pet Resource Center Apprenticeship

January 23 - 25 and April 9 -12, 2019

Maddie's® Pet Resource Center Apprenticeship

As our industry continues to evolve we're beginning to enhance ourAustin Animal Centershelter lifesaving efforts by focusing outside of the shelter's walls. By reimagining the role of the intake function and adopting a philosophy built around engaging the community your organization can promote pet retention and empower community members to resolve animal related issues. In this three day program you'll learn how to reposition your organization as a resource and partner to your community. You'll learn the foundational components needed to promote the human-animal bond through connecting pet owners, and pet lovers alike, to resources and information, as well as develop policies aimed at reducing shelter intake.

Who Should Apply?
This apprentice opportunity is for shelter managers, staff, and organizational change makers that are interested in learning how to be most effective at implementing this type of programmatic shift in their organization.

How Does It Work?
This apprenticeship is three days plus travel. Students will spend three days at Austin Animal Center in classroom and shadow sessions to obtain in-depth knowledge and understanding of the PRC and how to implement this model at their home organization.

As an open-intake municipal shelter serving the city of Austin and Travis County, with an annual intake of nearly 16,000 animals, the function of animal intake prior to 2017 was largely transactional and as such didn't address populations of animals that could be better served outside of our shelter walls. Adopting an engagement based philosophy, the Pet Resource Center was launched in Spring 2017 with the foundational belief that the shelter is a partner in the community. Pet Resource Center staff seek to promote pet retention and empower community members around animal-related issues through engaging conversations that aim at resolving root causes of problems.

An $800 stipend to offset the cost of travel and lodging will be awarded to the organization of each student chosen.

Applications November 7 - 19, 2018 - Application Closed

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