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Could animal shelters help more pets if they could get control over when pets enter their care? That®™s exactly what®™s happened in shelters that have adopted managed intake policies. While many people think moving to managed admission means pets will be abandoned or diverted to other facilities, those that have adopted this approach haven®™t found that to be the case. In fact, as long as immediate admission is available for pets in emergency situations, most community members have positive reactions to an appointment system.

That®™s especially true when resources can be provided during the waiting list period that make the wait less stressful on the family ®“ which sometimes results in the pet remaining with the family after all. Some shelters feel that adopting managed admission means they®™re not truly "open admission® anymore, but instead, it allows more animals in the community to be better-served, as well as lives to be saved. What®™s more, shelters have seen a better flow of animals resulting in increased adoptions, reduced crowding and better health and welfare for cats and dogs in the facility.

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Webcast: Managed Admission - Giving Sheltered Cats Their Best Chance at a Great Outcome

Barbara Carr and Kathie Johnson
March 2015

Schedule intake of cats to match the shelter®™s ability to assure humane care and safe movement through the shelter system to a positive outcome for every cat.
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Article: Cats by Appointment Only

Barbara Carr, Executive Director, SPCA Serving Erie County
March 2013

The SPCA Serving Erie County has dramatically reduced cat admissions and eliminated overcrowding and severe disease outbreaks with its cats by appointment policy ®“ worries about an angry public, bad press and an increase in cat abandonment haven't materialized.
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View the Feline Intake Appointment Guide by SPCA Serving Erie County

Animal Humane New Mexico
For a great example of how one shelter communicated the rationale and details of their managed admission policy, check out Animal Humane New Mexico®™s friendly and informative video and FAQs.
Full Admissions by Appointment Video
Short Admissions by Appointment Video