March 2019 by Tawny Hammond, Ed Jamison, Marc Peralta, Makena Yarbrough and Rachel Luna

Audience: Executive Leadership

Video Length: 56:54

Managing Staff to Ensure Accountability - panel

This panel discussion will dive into staff accountability at animal shelters. What does it mean to have an accountable staff and why is this important to no-kill shelter and rescue leaders? This talk will give you the tools to run a better organization with better outcomes. This presentation was recorded by Maddie's Fund® at the 2019 American Pets Alive! Conference.

About Tawny Hammond

Tawny has more than 30 years of experience in the public service arena, creating and implementing programs and services for people and their pets, working effectively with appointed and elected officials, creating and leading teams focused on professional excellence and lifesaving best practices. Tawny currently leads Best Friends' leadership advancement initiatives with a focus on strengthening existing leader's skill sets for the goal of ending the killing of shelter pets in their communities. She hopes to add an additional focus to the program which will consist of developing programs to assist seasoned leadership from other fields and disciplines interested in making the transition into animal welfare and services leadership. Tawny has a proven track record of success, serving for more than 25 years in municipal government in Fairfax County, Virginia. Tawny is also the former chief of animal services for the city of Austin, Texas. Under Tawny's leadership, Austin and Travis County, Texas, reached a new milestone in 2017, achieving live outcomes for 98 percent of the more than 17,000 animals who came through the doors.

About Ed Jamison

The animal situation in Dallas has been the center of scrutiny over the years due to large roaming dog populations, high profile dog attacks, and low positive save rates from the shelter. With over 34,000 dogs and cats entering Dallas Animal Services yearly, the city has the 4th largest intake in the United States. As director since 2017, Ed has been tasked with increasing public safety by getting lose animals off the streets while at the same time increasing positive outcomes. To accomplish that, he is leading a staff of around 200 employees, maximizing the relationships with the rescue community, rebuilding the volunteer base, and instituting new, progressive programming. Prior to coming to Dallas, Ed was the Chief Animal Control Officer for the City of Cleveland, Ohio, but he entered the Animal Care & Control World in the mid 2000's while he was the Animal Warden for the City of Garfield Heights, a suburb of Cleveland

About Marc Peralta

As the senior director of national mission advancement, Marc Peralta brings together Best Friends' newest initiatives and aligns them with all things related to developing the knowledge and capabilities of individuals and organizations involved in lifesaving in order to empower them to achieve no-kill in their own backyard. These initiatives include shelter outreach, mentorship, staff-embedding programs, community cat programs, no-kill leadership training, and emergency response training and operations. Prior to this position, Marc served in a variety of leadership positions with Best Friends, overseeing the foundation of building out and expanding strategy, partnerships and programming, as well as leadership of the No-Kill Los Angeles Coalition, which comprises more than 140 animal welfare organizations. Marc has also served as vice president and chief operating officer, as well as interim CEO, at the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PSPCA).

About Makena Yarbrough

As the Mid-Atlantic regional director for Best Friends Animal Society, Makena works with coalitions and partners in North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia to establish lifesaving programs and policies to help them reach no-kill status by 2025. In her home state of Virginia, she is a board member for the Virginia Federation of Humane Societies and has been working toward a no-kill Virginia for many years. Before joining Best Friends, Makena was the executive director of the Lynchburg Humane Society and was recognized by Maddie's Fund as a recipient of the 2018 Maddie Hero Award.

About Rachel Luna

As a legal advisor and business partner for Austin Pets Alive!, Rachel enjoys assisting the APA! team when they make decisions that protect the organization and allow it to continue to thrive. Prior to her work with APA!, Rachel spent twelve years as an in-house attorney and six years as a litigator.