Maddie's® Dog Matchmaker Placement Program Apprenticeship

Oct 23 - 25, Nov 13 - 15 and Dec 11 - 13, 2019

Maddie's® Dog Matchmaker Placement Program Apprenticeship at Austin Pets Alive!

The Dog Matchmaker Placement Program at Austin Pets Alive! was developed to streamline adoption process for medium and large dogs, even those with behavioral challenges, that can be safely placed in homes. A strong dog matchmaker program improves customer experience, reduces adoption returns and increases lifesaving. Learn how to create or expand a matchmaker program in your organization based in open, conversation based best practices that match pets with people. We teach you how to effectively break down barriers to adoption with a strong focus on customer service, safety, reduced length of stay, and live outcomes. You will leave with strategies to help you to get to know the individual personalities and needs of the dogs in your care, how to translate what you know about these dogs, and increase engagement with potential adopters. Whether you are expanding an existing dog adoption program or want to start a program we will teach you everything we have learned about how dog matchmaking saves lives!

Who Should Apply?
These apprenticeship opportunities are for shelter/rescue organization directors, staff and volunteers who are interested in learning how to be most effective at implementing this type of program in their organization.

How Does it Work?
Students will train with experienced Matchmakers to learn the philosophy behind the Matchmaker Placement Program and how to implement it in their own organization. Students will work with the program manager and staff to review each aspect of the Matchmaker Placement program, including:

  • Reviewing, managing, and tracking data about dogs from various sources (shelter notes, playgroup notes, sleepover/field trip notes, etc.).
  • Providing active customer service.
  • Identifying and analyzing any obstacles to adoption.
  • Developing a system to enable clients to identify compatible dogs.
  • Ensuring a safe and productive introduction between dogs and members of the public.

A $800 stipend to offset the cost of travel and lodging will be awarded to the organization of each student chosen.

All of the apprenticeships and master classes offered at Maddie's® Lifesaving Academy are pre-approved for continuing education credits by The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement - Certified Animal Welfare Administrator (CAWA).

Applications August 12 - 23, 2019


Dates and Number of Candidates
Apprenticeship program will run Oct 23 - 25, Nov 13 - 15 and Dec 11 - 13, 2019. A total of 8 apprentices will be selected. Candidate assignments will be determined on a first come first served basis.

How to Apply
Complete and submit to us the application form through the Maddie's Fund Grants Portal, titled "Maddie's Apprenticeship Program - Student Application". If this is your first time accessing our Grants Portal, you'll need to create an account by following the instructions on the log in page.

Applications are accepted August 12 - 23, 2019.

Apply August 12 - 23, 2019