Maddie's® Pet Assistant is a new, free, mobile app to help foster caregivers or adopters with enhanced support for questions or challenges, while providing valuable insights to your organization.

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"The tips they gave me were great! All the information all in one place!"

- Cindy Schnaare, Northern Nevada Humane Society

Watch our short videos to learn more about the ins and outs of Maddie's® Pet Assistant!

Introduction to Maddie's® Pet Assistant

What happens to the pets in your program after they’re adopted or go into a foster home? Learn how the Maddie's® Pet Assistant app can help your organization provide support to and communicate with caregivers.

Let’s Look at the Mobile App

What can adopters and foster caregivers see and do in the Maddie's® Pet Assistant app? See the app from the perspective of the adopter or foster caregiver who will use it.

Surveys and Automated Responses

How does an APP, like Maddie's® Pet Assistant, provide support to people after they bring a pet home? Let’s talk about the surveys and automated responses from the app that allow us to get and give information on topics like health, behavior, play, elimination, feeding and more.

Let’s Look at the Maddie's® Pet Assistant Website

What can your organization see and do on the Maddie's® Pet Assistant website? Just think of it as your very own data playground where you can review survey responses and other info submitted by your adopters and foster caregivers!

Administrative Functions

What can you do as an administrator on Maddie's® Pet Assistant website? Learn how to manage users and surveys, schedule emails to specific audiences, send push notifications through the app, build reports from the data you’ve collected and more.

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Recorded LIVE in November 2018, you can view the on-demand version of the free webcast, Maddie's Pet Assistant App is Revolutionizing Support for Pet Foster and Adoptive Homes. Just click on the registration button to get access.

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