From October 5 - November 11, we held a 40-minute Zoom Huddle twice per week. Each Zoom Huddle consisted of two 10-minute presentations from peers who have implemented that topic at their animal shelter or rescue organization, respectively, followed by a 20-minute Q&A. The topics coincided with the welcoming practices.

  • Tuesday, October 5
    Open Arms Huddle kickoff & an informed approach to trauma
    Speakers: Sloan Hawes, MSW and Nina Eckholm Fry
    Providing welcoming and inclusive practices in animal welfare can be achieved in many ways. This kickoff Huddle will provide an overview and engage in a discussion of how a trauma informed approach to your work can make a foundational impact.
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  • Thursday, October 7: How to be open to new ideas
    Speakers: Allison Cardona, County of Los Angeles Animal Care and Control and Alex Tonner, Paws for Life K9s
    How letting go of old ideas can open new opportunities to processes that are equitable and inclusive.
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  • Tuesday, October 12: How to get your entire community involved
    Speakers: Kenny Lamberti, C.A.R.E. and Michelle Ingram, Zeus’s Rescue

    Getting your entire community involved with keeping pets and people together is essential. This Huddle will provide the how-to’s of engaging your whole community.
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  • Thursday, October 14: Cultivating open relationships
    Speakers: Amy Yeager, Charlotte-Mecklenburg and Ileana Kistler, South Charlotte Dog Rescue
    Find out how animal shelters and animal rescue partners can work together to meet the needs of their community.
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  • Tuesday, October 19: Welcoming customer service
    Speakers: Michael Bricker, C.A.R.E. and Katie Muldoon, Mississippi MUTTS
    How to bring open and welcoming customer service into every aspect of your work.
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  • Thursday, October 21: How to market to your entire community
    Speakers: Heather Owen, One Tail at a Time & Heather Friedman, LifeLine Animal Project
    How do you reach those in your community who don’t use social media or have not heard of your organization? Find out how in this Huddle presentation.
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  • Tuesday, October 26: Marketing partnerships in the community
    Luis Quintanilla, Harlingen Humane Society and Underdog Rescue Churches, food banks, restaurants, community centers, car dealerships
    How different partnerships can expand your reach.
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  • Thursday, October 28: A welcoming culture starts with you
    Speakers: Danielle Harris, Pima County and Melissa Lesinky, Southern Arizona Cat Rescue
    When your entire organization is more open and inclusive, everybody wins.
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  • Thursday, November 4: Embracing a welcoming culture
    Speakers: Mandy Evans, Better Together Animal Alliance and Andrew Dorman, Cat Town
    When your entire organization is more open and inclusive, everybody wins.
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  • Tuesday, November 9: Creating partnerships with other animal welfare organizations
    Speakers: Spencer Conover, PASCO County and Dani Giroux of Runaways Rescue
    Good things happen when shelter and rescue organizations have open communications with each other.
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  • Thursday, November 11: Creating partnerships with community organizations
    Speakers: Jorge Ortega, Guilford County & Rachael Pontillo, Partners Ending Homelessness
    Being a good neighbor is the key to keeping pets and people together.
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